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Second Home Pet Resort- A little slice of home!

Located at 747 E. Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Business Telephone: (602) 997-6600 Business website:

 With six different suite types available
Elite PatioElitePavilion Patio SuitePavilion SuiteTLC SuitePetite SuiteDay BoardingInternet Petcam
Second Home Pet Resort also offers Special Needs Care which includes:
24-hour pet careTLC pet suites for geriatric, fragile or sensitive dogsFree oral and topical medication administration Second Home Pet Resort offers Grooming too! Now your pet can come home with a fresh, feel good Groom!

We are thrilled to have Second Home Pet Resort as official members of our Network Group!

New Poop Scoopers!

Introducing our newest Poop Scoopers!


Pet Waste Clean up! Let someone else do the poopy work!
Please give Danielle or Matt a call today to schedule your poo pick up!!

Mobile Pet Grooming

Kim MacCrone- Veterinary Technician making a difference for pet owners

Featured Pet Expert of the week! Kim MacCrone, Certified Veterinary Technician, and Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor.

Kim's February's Pet CPR and First Aid class is going to be extra exciting! Kim has partnered with Kathrine Breeden, a well known professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, and fellow member of Az Pet Professionals, in joining her after class inviting pet owners and businesses who work with dogs for an hour long informative and fun session on force free dog training and dog behaviour. Questions and Answers with hands on demonstrations on Force Free Dog Training with one of Kim's own young dogs, Sammie. See the flier below for additional information. You don't want to miss either of these classes!

Kim MacCrone is the founder of Az Pet Professionals and the business owner of Vetek Chic on wheels (Vet Tech on wheels). She is also a certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor through Pet Tech Inc., the first International pet CPR and First Aid T…

Implementing Force Free Methods of dog training in the veterinary clinic

Implementing Force Free Methods in the veterinary clinic

Az Pet Professionals is a “Force Free” network of pet experts.
That is, we believe in force free dog training and promote the use of dog harnesses vs choke chains, prong collars and shock collars. Force Free is all about rewarding for good behavior, positive reinforcement, not intimidation and/or punishment. It's all about thinking like the dog. Not the human.

Positive reinforcement is a healthier and more successful training method which is more ideal for your do. It is no longer believed that intimidation and force make for any sort of training whatsoever!

So how can our veterinarians help promote the force free way of dog training for client dogs who are currently owned by an owner using intimidation training methods?

To start with, if we are showing client pets on social media sites such as Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest and such, we can eliminate capturing photos with dogs wearing cho…


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