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Implementing Force Free Methods of dog training in the veterinary clinic

                                Implementing Force Free Methods in the veterinary clinic
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Az Pet Professionals is a “Force Free” network of pet experts.
That is, we believe in force free dog training and promote the use of dog harnesses vs choke chains, prong collars and shock collars. Force Free is all about rewarding for good behavior, positive reinforcement, not intimidation and/or punishment. It's all about thinking like the dog. Not the human.

Positive reinforcement is a healthier and more successful training method which is more ideal for your do. It is no longer believed that intimidation and force make for any sort of training whatsoever!

So how can our veterinarians help promote the force free way of dog training for client dogs who are currently owned by an owner using intimidation training methods?

To start with, if we are showing client pets on social media sites such as Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest and such, we can eliminate capturing photos with dogs wearing choke chain collars, prong collars, retractable leashes, or shock collars.
If we do show them, it may just send a single to clients that we agree with these uses. But that is not the case in today's world. Most veterinarians do NOT agree and cringe each time they see you bringing Fluffy in on one of the above.

So what role can our veterinarians take in promoting safe harness use and how can they approach the subject without losing clients? After all, that's the number one reason they don't speak up, isn't it?

How about removing the unacceptable collars before taking and then posting the pet’s picture on our social media sites. This alone sends a strong signal to our followers. “We don’t agree!”

Then let’s help to educate our clients in proper use. Veterinarians along with staff need to educate clients when they see the use of the unacceptable collars. Clients may argue that their pet requires a prong collar because he’s larger and stronger than they are, he pulls, and get’s aggressive if they don’t use it. This, they say, keeps the dog “In his place.” Ouch. What to do, right?

How about training your dog? Or better yet, yourself?

Professional force free dog training eliminates the need for the use of a prong, choke or shock collar on your dog.  If the veterinarians and staff can educate the client appropriately about the dangers of the choke, chain and shock collar, they may be forever grateful for the education and counsel on other methods and choices for their dog. After all, the client doesn’t want to inflict pain on their dog; they are most likely simply unaware of other choices they have.

Veterinarians today are able to recommend “Force Free” professional dog trainers thanks to the likes of such people such as Victoria Stilwell.

There are many force free dog trainers that hope one day that all veterinarians will display a sign on their front doors, their websites and noted on their social media, that they are a Force Free Veterinary Clinic.

This of course will take time and a lot of educating, but it's important for so many of us, (Pet Lovers) as we must remain the voice for all dogs that can't tell their owners that the way they are currently handling them is actually doing more harm and causing unnecessary pain!

Fortunately for us we have a well known Professional, Force Free Dog Trainer and Behaviorist! If your clinic would like to learn more about how you can practice force free education in your clinic please click here to see Kathrine Breeden’s website.

We also are fortunate to have pet sitters, dog boarding, dog walkers, and dog groomers that are also educated in Force Free dog training and don't practice anything but!

So let's start thinking FORCE FREE pet parents! 

Thanks pet friends!

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