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Introducing our featured veterinarians for the week!  Meet our San Tan Valley Veterinarians!!

Business Phone:480-987-4555.  Business Website:

Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Marc Schmidt. Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic was opened in San Tan Valley in May of 2005.

Dr. Marc Schmidt has been a trusted and highly respected veterinarian for over 35 years. Together, Dr. Schmidt and his associate veterinarian Dr. Kelly Bowers, have created a clinical setting which stands apart from others.

Both doctors display a strong emphasis not only on your pet's health and medical care, but on the care and education that the pet owner receives as well. With quite sit down examinations, our doctors complete a physical or medical exam from nose to tail while verbalizing each finding at every visit. This allows the pet owner to understand every detail about their pet's health from their pet's teeth, eyes, ears, nose, abdomen, heart and lungs, hair coa…


We are so excited to introduce to you, two new Az Pet Professionals. Pet Experts working to help pet owners just like you with your pet needs! 
First, we are excited about Brittany Hollingsworth's return to Az Pet Professionals! Brittany is the owner of Fancy Fur 'n Purr, our Chandler Pet Grooming Salon.


You can see Fancy Fur's Facebook page here:

Brittany was a member of Az Pet Professionals previously but took some time to slow down, she got married and became a first time mom!
Please take a moment to "Like" Fancy Fur 'n Purr's Facebook Page, Once there, you will find out all the information you need on scheduling your pet's groom with Brittany!
Welcome Back Fancy Fur 'n Purr!


We are excited to add a unique pet service offered by Dr, Sue Davis.
Dr. Davis's business is Rub Down Dog, a canine massage specialty.
You can see all of Dr. Davis's…

Teri Ann Tate- Comfy Pets of Arizona

What a great way to celebrate April's First Aid Awareness Month! Do you live in South Phoenix or Fountain Hills? Our Pet Expert, Teri Ann Tate is a Pet Expert in a wide variety of pet first aid programs, including her new Equine First Aid! See for yourself why Teri Ann Tate fits all the criteria of meeting or exceeding our standards to be an Az Pet Professional!

Rose Tring, AZ Media Maven:
Phone: 602-373-8731

Be ready for pet emergencies with first aid classes by  Comfy Pets of AZ!

PHOENIX – We all want to keep our pets safe and healthy, but what if there is an emergency? Would you know what to do to help save your beloved animal?

Teri Ann Tate, owner of Comfy Pets of AZ in Laveen, is the perfect expert to help. Tate has years of experience caring for a variety of animals through her pet-sitting business and is one of only a few Arizonans qualified to teach first aid care for small animals and horses. Tate’s popular classes give professional pet…

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

What is Pet First Aid? Pet First Aid is: "The immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or
 suddenly taken ill." 

This includes home care and veterinary help if necessary.

It is estimated that up to 60 % of animal hospital visits are emergency in nature. This is a fact!

Knowing the skills of Pet First Aid can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disability, expensive vet bills and reasonable home care and rapid recovery or long recuperation for your pet.

Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pre-senior dogs.

The more you know about your pet’s health the better chance you have of keeping a simple problem from becoming a bigger problem. 
Don't wait to register for my next class April 23rd! I'll be joining forces with once again! Seating is limited! Contact both Kathrine and Kim to register for class.
For Kathrine, call, 480-272-8816 and for Kim, go to www.vetekchicon…


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