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National "Be Kind To Animals" Week 2015


 What will you do this week to help be kind to an animal?

Just yesterday I received a phone call from a young lady who had intervened an attack on a small bird from neighborhood cats. There were many of them, attacking this small, helpless, brown bird. Just your average bird you see every day flying in the sky.
The young lady was frantic on the phone and didn't know what to do with this poor little bird. She asked me for help and asked me questions as to what she could do to help him.
I offered her some tips, asked her if she thought she could in the very least get the little bird into a small carrier and out of the yard where it would be in danger. She did have a pet carrier and was able to get the bird into it after gently picking him up from under a bush. She placed a light cloth cover over the carrier and set it in a quite room so the bird could de-stress from what just happened. Certainly it had to have been in shock.

Throughout the day this young lady texted me repeatedly, worried about the small bird. She was confused as to what to do next. For her to be so worried and so upset about this small, average, little bird, made me even more proud of her. She was definitely being kind to an animal and was worried about the little bird all day. She wanted to do what was best for him and tried all day to contact bird rescues.
This is a perfect example of how to be kind to an animal. It doesn't matter the species, they are all living, breathing creatures. This young lady did not turn her back on the small bird which she easily could have. It turns out that she did find a rescue to take the bird to help it recover and release it once better.
Hats off to Elizabeth! I am so proud you helped this little bird! What a perfect start to "Be Kind To Animals" week!

Please share your story of how you have been kind to an animal by emailing me your short story to and I will post it front page here on this website, share it on our Facebook and give you a big shout out!

To read more on how you can help Be Kind To Animals, click here:

Thanks pet friends! 

Help us to help the less fortunate.
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