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Dogs and dangers of our Arizona Heat

How to protect our dogs in the Summer Heat

Fur coats are hot! 
Fur provides some amount of protection from the sun but thick fur prevents body heat from escaping and promotes overheating. It's a myth that shaving a dog's coat makes him hotter. Shaving it to the skin can make him vulnerable to sunburn but cutting the fur to about one inch can help him stay cooler. If you don't want to shave him brush as much undercoat as you can out and be sure no solid mats are there to trap heat and moisture. Just ask one of our groomers!

Tips on protecting pets in the heat.

· Don’t walk or run your dog in the heat. That may seem obvious but we see it every day in the Arizona scorching heat! Try to take early morning short walks or late evening walks. Even short walks will help keep your pet in a routine until Fall!

· Never, Ever, Ever keep your pets in parked cars! Or children for that matter! Why do we continue to see this?
See the Humane Society's Tips. What can you do if you see a …

Scottsdale Cat Clinic- the best in the West!

Introducing this weeks Featured Veterinary Clinic! Scottsdale Cat Clinic recently joined Az Pet Professionals as official members of our network group. We are excited for cat owners in Scottsdale to learn more about such an upstanding veterinary clinic..... just for our feline family!

Scottsdale Cat Clinic.... Was designed with cats in mind. From the moment you enter the clinic you will feel a calm atmosphere and speak to trained and educated staff that are specially trained to deal with cats.  Many cat owners decline feline annual examinations due to the stress it can put on their cat. SCC understands better how to work with cats and helps educate their clients even before their cat's appointment to make things less stressful to the owner and the patient. 
Meet Dr. Judy Karnia, owner of Scottsdale Cat Clinic.  Dr. Karnia has been a practicing veterinarian since 1994. Originally from the Midwest, Dr. Karnia and her husband, Scott Hermanson, Client Service Representative and all aro…

Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day National Pet Fire Safety Day is all about making sure your pets don't inadvertently start your home on fire. Pretty scary to think that can happen fairly easy.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 1,000 house fires each year are accidentally started by the homeowners' pets.

Such things as loose wires, lit candles, stove top knobs and electrical cords can be hazards if your pet gets to them!

Take a walk through your home and locate all potential fire hazards and then move, fix or store them out of reach!

Don't leave pets unattended around open flames. This includes lit candles, fireplaces and bbq's.

Always make sure before you leave your home that these are distinguished completely! Az Pet Professionals have donated to two East Valley Fire Stations, Pet Oxygen Masks and plan on donating more soon!

If you use an Alarm Company make sure your fire detectors are connected to their fire response center w…

Missing Pet Detectives, LLC

Missing Pet Detectives, LLC
Business Phone: (480) 751-9700 Business Website:
When a pet goes missing, who do you call for help to search with you?

Where do you start? 
With the Fourth Of July Holiday last weekend there have been hundreds of pets that were lost during the loud displays, parties, and gates left open, among just a few. The Valley's Animal Care and Control Centers are full of lost pets picked up over the weekend. If you are searching there every day but haven't found your dog or cat, we have an alternative that could possibly help you find your pet. Please meet Deborah Cooke, owner of Missing Pet Detectives, LLC.

Hi! I’m Deborah Cooke, owner of Missing Pet Detectives, LLC. 

"I assist pet owners in recovering their missing animals in various ways.
For some, pet behavioral profiling and a consultation are sufficient to design a recovery strategy.

Others require more in-depth assistance. But the search tool that draws the most inte…

New East Valley Pet Sitter for our Pet Parents!

We want to welcome Sabrina Moeti to Az Pet Professionals! Sabrina was recently invited to join Az Pet Professionals. Read more about Sabriana and her Professional Pet Sitting Services.
Pet Sitter Pro! serves primarily Gilbert, but also covers a small portion of Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek. Servicing parts of: 85295,85296,85297,85234,85233,85298,85224,85225,85249,85286,85206,85142 85242 Sabrina Moeti owns and operates Pet Sitter Pro Sabrina may be new to Arizona, but she's been a professional pet sitter for over 8 years. Her background is in rescue, so she has a soft spot for America's most maligned breed, the pit bull. While she enjoys caring for all pets, she also specializes in caring for cats, seniors, and those with medical needs. 
The biggest priority of Pet Sitter Pro! is to provide your pets with the level of care they expect from you. So whether you are going on safari for a month in Africa, or just have a late night at the office, your pets care will continue, uni…


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