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Playtime Pet Care- The East Valley's Best In Mesa Pet Sitter!

Call today and schedule your pet family's pet sitting needs! 480-292-9735


Jenna is a native Arizonan who's owned pets all of her life! It's fairly clear why she choose why to open her own pet sitting business! Read here to see what made Jenna decide to open her own pet sitting business!

Jenna and her clients love Social Media! You'll find an entire list of all of Jenna's Social Media sites at her professional website.
In the mean time, start here with joining Jenna's Facebook Page!
Jenna has been an Az Pet Professional Member for over 4 years! We are so excited to be able to refer such an incredible, professional, trusted pet sitting service for our Pet Owners in the East Valley! A list of current service areas can be found at Jenna's website. Thank you Jenna for being an amazing pet expert and business …

National Dog Day- August 26th, 2015

National Dog Day August 26th, 2015
National Dog Day is celebrated August 26th annually and was founded in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige (also the founder of National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day name a few)

See National Dog Day's Website here!

During National Dog Day, today might be the day to think about getting pet insurance! I've been speaking with Danielle Thompson with Consumer Affair's Pet Insurance. 

Consumer Affairs Pet Insurance has a great interactive tool that can help you decide if you should purchase pet insurance! 

Here's a few factors that the tool uses when helping consumers decide:
Does the pet have any pre-existing conditions including congenital or hereditary disorders?Is the pet a service, working, competitive or show animal?Is the pet spayed or neutered?

Thank you for sharing  Danie…

Meet Curious Tails! Our newest Scottsdale Pet Sitter!

Please help us welcome Rai Smith, owner of Curious Tails, a Scottsdale Pet Sitter. We are so pleased to be able to offer you a pet sitter who has veterinary technician experience. Rai can help with all pet sitting needs but also specializes in those with medical or special needs. Welcome Rai!

Business Website:
Scottsdale Pet Sitting by a Veterinary Technician with years of experience!

Call Rai today at 480-725-9752.

See Rai's website and then, under the Page "Contact Us" you will find a map of Rai's service areas.

You will also find Rai's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts! 

Don't worry! 
We will be featuring Rai in length March of 2016, right here, front and center!

Business Website:

How to cope with pet loss

How to cope with pet loss
You are NOT crazy to be hurting so much! Grieving over a beloved pet’s death is normal.
There are people who have not gone through pet loss yet that simply won’t understand, but your feelings are real! Please remember there are thousands of pet owners going through the same thing with you. Your pet has been a constant source of love, a companion, a listener, a playmate, an entertainer on your most boring days, unconditional love and happiness and so much more. There is so much to grieve over. People who have never experienced the love of a pet may not understand this but those of us who have will most certainly!

What you can expect after your pet dies

1. Guilt

2. Denial

3. Anger

4. Depression

Guilt: the “If only I could’ve done something more” syndrome. It is pointless to blame yourself in the event of your pet’s illness or injury. This just makes it more difficult to resolve.

Denial: Accepting that your pet is really gone. It can be a tou…

When to euthanize your beloved pet?

When to euthanize your beloved pet?
You and your family are the best judge of your pet’s “quality of life” in its daily living. Your Veterinarian is the best judge of your pet’s physical state.

Evaluate your pet’s health honestly. If they are eating, playing, seeking your company, responds to attention, participates in family, then it may not be time. 
But if they are in pain, uninterested anymore in life, unaware of their surroundings, unresponsive to attention, not eating or drinking, incontinent to the point of losing their stool or urine wherever they may be standing or lying, or even perhaps not able to get up any more, then a loving and caring pet owner will most likely know it is their pet’s time.

Prolonging your pet’s suffering because you are not ready to let him go does neither of you any good. Letting him go is your true, final act of love, bravery and compassion.

Should you stay during the Euthanasia?

That depends on you. Everyone has individual views on this. Many feel it …

Cow Dreamz Photography

Michelle Pelberg is the owner of Cow Dreamz Photography

Call Michelle today and schedule your pet's photo shoot! 602-510-1929
As a pet photographer, Michelle is able to capture the true essence of her subjects with tremendous accuracy. She believes that every animal has a unique personality and story to tell, which she cleverly captures in her photographs.

She is known for and specializes in photographing skittish, shy or overactive animals which has led her to work with many pet shelters, adoption agencies and pet rescues.

Michelle combined her love for pets with her gift of photography and loves capturing pets in their natural setting. She believes that allowing them to be in a familiar environment, like their home, she is more likely to see their true personalities come out. She also donates her time taking photos for Gabriel’s Angels and other animal organizations around town.

Along with pet photography Michelle is in the process of finishing up the construction of her cr…


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