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Pet Sitter Pro! Professional Pet Sitting in the East Valley!

Business Website: Phone: Fully Bonded & Insured! It all started with a sign in a window. It was 2002, and a rescue group was looking for volunteers. I signed up and started volunteering at every single adoption event, even transporting dogs to and from the events and spending my free time taking the dogs in boarding out for little excursions. There, I met my very first pit bull, a brindle named Bodie. I don't think I even knew what a pit bull was, but I fell deeply and madly in love with Bodie specifically and pit bulls in general. 

After some time in the rescue, one of my fellow volunteers asked me if I had ever considered pet sitting. I had never even heard of pet sitting, but I was interested! From my experience in rescue, I learned how harsh boarding facilities can be, especially to dogs who have spent time in a shelter. Pet sitting, on the other hand, offers them the opportunity to stay comfortable in the…

National Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness Month We recognize National Pet Wellness Month by focusing on certain things that pet owners can do to increase their pet’s lives.


· Make sure your puppy or kitten receives all their booster vaccines from 6-8 weeks old until 4-5 months old. This can be determined by your veterinarian depending on what age you start their series.

· Have your puppy or kitten checked for intestinal parasites by bringing in a stool sample to your appointment.

· Have your veterinarian de-worm your kitten for intestinal parasites. Some of these parasites can be transmitted to people!

· Start new puppies on Heart worm preventative as early as 6 weeks of age and continue every month all year around. Heart worm preventative also de-worms monthly for some intestinal parasites! There are many products available for the prevention of heart worm, so please be advised by one of our amazing Veterinarians!

· Have your…

Pooch Paw Box-Your pups personal, monthly goody box!

We are delighted to tell you all about our Featured Member!! Pooch Paw joined Az Pet Professionals in June of 2014 and we've watched them grow, grow, grow. With hard work and dedication we have seen Rob and Tina literally work their fingers to the bone! Starting their business in February of 2015, Pooch Paw has taken off like a rocket!
What is Pooch Paw Box?  Pooch Paw Box is a monthly subscription box for your loving and loyal fur child. Choose a month-to-month, 3-month, or 12-month auto-recurring subscription plan, then sit back with your cute pooch and wait for your boxes to arrive each month. 
What's inside?  All-American made toys and treats.Birthday celebrations.Order today, ship tomorrow.No pre-pay on a 12-month subscription.Sign up for a wooftastic 12-month Pooch Paw Box™ and get the 13- month box for free.10% goes to an animal shelter to help all loving animals. Cancel at anytime, no obligation. 
Business Website:

Be Kind To Dogs!

It is my great pleasure to be fulfilling a life-long dream to help pet parents and their dogs by providing behavior consultations in the comfort of their own homes!

Following the launch of its much anticipated accreditation program for force-free canine trainers in May 2015, the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) has announced that I have passed their rigorous exam and am now officially one of only 27 trainers to be Accredited!

This first-ever batch of PPG accredited professionals have earned the specific title – Professional Canine Trainer (Accredited) (PCT-A).

In addition to this, I am A “Truly Dog Friendly” Trainer, Licensed by Victoria Stilwell from the TV Show on Animal Planet “It’s Me Or The Dog”.

I left my native England for Dallas, Texas, in 1999 and took my horse with me! I have been an animal lover my whole life – being with dogs and riding horses since childhood.

In January 2013 my husband, rescued dogs and I moved to Chandler, Arizona and have thoroughly enjoyed …


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