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TLC House and Pet Sitting Services, LLC

TLC House and Pet SittingServicing parts of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. 

Please check out Kara's Professional Pet Sitting Services below by clicking on her social media links.
Business Website:

Business Telephone: 480-588-1364

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Board of Directors 2010-2015. National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Annual Conference & Governance Committee.  Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates, Vice President  2007-2011, President 2012-2014.

Howland Studios-Scottsdales premier fine artist!

April Howland has been an integral part of Az Pet Professionals for nearly 5 years now. Her beautiful fine art is an honor to showcase. April recently held a successful
fine art Event in Scottsdale featuring her "Cars & Dogs" paintings. She truly is amazing and we can't wait for you to see what she has coming out next! Please see April's website for more photo's of her successful gallery show!

Howland Studios website:
Howland Studios Facebook:

Adopt a senior pet this month!

Adopt a senior pet this month! Photograph courtesy of Jill Flynn, owner.
Why adopt an old dog? Let's take a look at some known facts when it comes to the way people think about adopting an older dog.

What are families looking for?
Prospective families looking to adopt a new dog typically focus on one thing and that one thing is usually about adopting a puppy. Families want a puppy so that they “can grow with the family” or “is cute and cuddly."
Understandable in some situations but what about the older dogs available or the single or older couple looking to add an addition to their family?

Photograph courtesy of, owner Jill Flynn
Is it really a good idea for a senior citizen person to adopt a young puppy that might live for 17+ years, possibly outliving them?
Too often that pet ends up at the pound because none of the remaining family are willing or able to take over the responsibility of the pet after the owner ha…


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