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Happy New Year 2016- Safety tips for pets!

New Year’s Eve is the party of the year and it’s just days away! 
As many of us get ready to ring in 2016 we need to remember to keep our pets safe as well! Most pets don't appreciate the loud pops, the colorful confetti, the party favors, the noise, and the many guests that come into our homes on New Year's Eve.  It's a (People event, not a pet event!)
Many pet's can escape easily with doors opening and closing throughout the evening.  This is one great reason that Microchipping your pet is so important. Wearing a proper fitting color, tags with current owner information are also important. If you find that your pet has gone missing; make sure to start looking immediately. Don't wait thinking he'll come home.  Post LOST signs with a picture of your pet. Use your cell phone number as a contact and never post your home address.  Drive to the nearest Animal Control and check it daily. If neighbors have spotted your pet but were unable to catch him, you might see…

Happy Holidays!

Yappy Holiday’s 2015!  Please don't forget to check out all of our pet expert pages for assisting you in your holiday pet shopping and needs! With the holiday's here and many of us with deadlines for shopping, decorating and visiting friends, please keep in mind that the holiday’s can be stressful for our pet’s as well. New faces, guests, and pet sitters can add to that stress. Each time a guest enters your home pets can be exposed to a new level of stress. Some positive, some negative. Some pets are locked away while guests are in their home while others are allowed to roam free. Doors, gates and garages are opened and closed frequently. The opportunity for escape is hard to believe! Winter holidays are one of the top seasons of the year that pets are lost.

Microchip your pet! This aides in recovering lost pets all year round. It is your pet’s personal identification number. The Veterinarian implants the chip under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades. 
 Please inform you…


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