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Kicking off Pet First Aid Awareness Early!

April will be here soon so we are getting a jump start on educating our readers about Pet First Aid Awareness Month! With so many wonderful Easter, house, vase arrangements and yard flowers sprouting up we'd like to focus this week on plants that can be dangerous to cats and kittens.  Spring is known as "kitten season" and we want you to be well prepared before adopting a new kitten and to make sure there are none of the following poisonous plants around before bringing an adopted cat or kitten home!  We hope feline owners will read the following list of plants to make sure that they don't have any of them in the house or yard! Even stray cats that live outside should be protected! 
It would be smart to know the name of your house and outdoor plants so that you can be sure they are pet friendly.  Remember that some plants have different common names depending on the area of the country in which you live. If you see a plant that you just have to have, you might want to g…

A Peaceful Farewell- Loving, Compassionate, Pet Euthanasia at home

Business Website:

(480) 760-5896
email: "The choice to break our own hearts to save another from suffering  is true compassion."

What to Expect...

The time needed to allow the procedure to proceed with dignity and peace
The ability to ask any questions you may still have about the procedure
A pain-free and anxiety-free experience for your companion in his/her own home
The compassionate treatment of your companion at all times
Skilled and experienced veterinary care
The opportunity to have all family members present including your other pets

Providing compassionate in-home pet euthanasia to fellow pet owners in: Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, and most of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area
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Veterinary Partners and Additional Services

Providing mobile ultrasound consul…

The dangers of retractable leashes

The dangers of retractable leashes
Why are retractable leashes harmful?
Do you walk your dog with a retractable leash?

Retractable leashes have been popular for a long time. Pet owners like that their dogs have more freedom to roam while on walks. The walker can reel them in whenever they choose to call them back.

Right? Not always.
Below is just one scenario of the dangers retractable leashes can cause your pet, r you or another pet or human harm.

Scenario One
You are walking your dog on his retractable leash when out of nowhere another dog appears from 10 feet away. Do you have time to reel your dog in on his retractable leash if the other dog is acting aggressively or negatively to your dog, or worse, to you? Nope.... you don't.

The danger is; that if the dogs react negatively to each other and you have a long line attached to your dog’s neck you will not be able to move quickly enough to reel him back to you. Too quickly the two dogs begin fighting and one or both become can bec…

PlayTime Pet Care- The best in the east valley!

Call today and schedule your pet family's pet sitting needs! 480-292-9735

CONTACT US! Business Phone: 480-292-9735 Business Website:

Jenna is a native Arizonan who's owned pets all of her life! It's fairly clear to see why she chose to open her own pet sitting business! Jenna is a professional, smart business owner who just happens to love pets!

Read here to see what made Jenna decide to open her own pet sitting business!

PlayTime Pet Care provides in your home pet sitting and dog walking services in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.
They offer multiple visits per day, overnights and live in care.

Jenna and her clients love Social Media!  You'll find an entire list of all of Jenna's Social Media sites at her professional website:
In the mean time start by joining Jenna's Facebook Page!
Jenna has been an Az Pet Professional Member for over 4 …


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