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Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

What you'll experience at  Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic
The Client Service Representative (CSR) is the first person you see when you enter the practice
The CSR position requires strong people and pet skills, professionalism,vast experience in all areas of the practice, excellent communication and listening skills, a fun sense of humor, an outgoing personality and a warm, friendly demure.  This staff member will ALWAYS acknowledge you within 2 seconds of entering their doors even if they're busy with another client. A hand gesture and eye contact are better than being completely disregarded! Better yet, when you enter and the CSR is not busy (which is rare) they are squealing with delight that you and "Fluffy" have finally arrived! "We've been waiting for you all day!" 
The CSR also knows when notto use a high pitch squeal and how to approach different pet personalities because they are knowledgeable about pet behavior and are able to assess your pet immediat…

Pet shop items for Spring and Summer!

It's time to get your
pet shopping done!

SHOP HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR DOGS AND CATS!We've gathered and hand picked high quality pet products that have been used by some of our own members and clients. We've done the research and found products we love to share with you!  Being an Amazon Associate allows me (Kim) to choose these high quality pet products for your pets! 
Summer Products Keep your pets cool and off the ground with cooling mat's and elevated pet beds.

National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week is April 17-23Wouldn't it be nice to see the statistics on just how many pet owners have ID on their pet's collars? With an over abundance of strays brought in to veterinary clinics that do not have a microchip or a collar with ID; it's very sad to see because a simple ID tag or a microchip could've helped locate their family. 
If you have not already put a pet ID tag on your pet’s collar please do it this week while we celebrate National Pet ID Week!
Pet ID’s can be found almost anywhere! You can create them in a Pet ID machine right inside Petco and PetSmart or order them from various websites. We’ve put together a list to help make ordering fast for you. 
Also remember, that if your pet/s are not microchipped, please, please, get them microchipped by your family veterinarian as soon as you can! 
Thanks Pet Friends! Here's that list for you! You can most certainly Google Pet ID tags and find many other sites.

· If …

Comfy Pets Of Arizona- Equine and Pet First Aid Instructor helps celebrate April's National Pet First Aid Month!

Comfy Pets Of ArizonaWhat a perfect pet expert to be featured during April's National Pet First Aid Month! This pet expert has been educating people in pet first aid for years! We are proud to have Teri Ann as one of our outstanding Pet Experts! 
Teri Ann has been a Professional Pet Care Provider since 1999 taking care of domestic and farm animals, including horses. She decided to take her first Pet CPR and First Aid course in 2007 to learn what to do in a pet emergency. 

Teri Ann began her teaching career by becoming a Pet Tech Instructor teaching Pet CPR and First Aid and Care Classes beginning in 2011.  Not only has she taught Pet CPR and First Aid, but she teaches the Pet Tech Dental Care for your Pets; Sr. Petizen; and Knowing Your Pet's Health.

Teri Ann is one of the only Equine, First Aid Instructors in the Valley! Her classes are education and hands on FUN! 

Check out Teri Ann's equine first page:
If you don't own a horse, no worries!!…

H & H Pet Services LLC- Pet Sitting in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley!

H & H Pet Services LLCOwner - Heather Clark Heather and one of many pet friends Business Phone: 602-524-3565 Business website:
H & H Pet Services provides quality pet care at affordable prices. If you're like us, your pets have become family members. When you can't be home for them, whether because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them.  That's exactly what we do - because we love your pets just like family!
Heather Clark, owner of H & H Pet Services, has been a professional pet sitter since 2007. She is highly recommended by local vet clinics and is a founding member with Pinal County Chamber of Commerce. She has vast experience with dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, small pets, exotics, chickens, and horses.  
Boarding is in a pet friendly home called  "The Dog House." 
Located in San Tan Valley off of Ironwood Rd -  Just 1 mile North of Ocotillo or 8 miles  South o…


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