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Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

All photo's were authorized for use by owner,
 Dr. Marc Schmidt

Business Phone number: 480-987-4555
Business Professional Website:

What you'll experience at 
Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

The Client Service Representative (CSR) is the first person you see when you enter the practice

The CSR position requires strong people and pet skills, professionalism,vast experience in all areas of the practice, excellent communication and listening skills, a fun sense of humor, an outgoing personality and a warm, friendly demure. 
This staff member will ALWAYS acknowledge you within 2 seconds of entering their doors even if they're busy with another client. A hand gesture and eye contact are better than being completely disregarded! Better yet, when you enter and the CSR is not busy (which is rare) they are squealing with delight that you and "Fluffy" have finally arrived!
"We've been waiting for you all day!" 

The CSR also knows when not to use a high pitch squeal and how to approach different pet personalities because they are knowledgeable about pet behavior and are able to assess your pet immediately if they are in need of immediate medical attention. Your CSR will be smiling and making you feel welcomed and comfortable the moment you enter the practice! And Johnson Ranch Animal Clinics reps do!

The Certified Veterinary Technician & Assistant. 
These are the staff members you will see before you see the doctor. These positions require an enormous amount of education and/or experience. Some exam room staff members are veterinary assistants who are learning from experienced technicians. Both positions are people that have dedicated themselves to the veterinary field and love animals.
The Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) has either a 2-4 year college degree or have years of experience and have taken and passed both the Veterinary State and National Board Tests, and I can tell you first hand, the tests are not easy and require months and even years to study and prepare for. 

The technician or assistant must be proficient in many areas, not just one. They are expert phlebotomists (They obtain blood samples from your pet for laboratory tests) they are surgical assistants who prep and assist during anesthetic procedures, they are dental hygienists, they are post-operative nurses that will sit with your pet after surgery to assure they are not alone and that they are recovering normally, they perform many different laboratory procedures, they are X-Ray technicians, and pharmacy technicians. 

 They are masters of gentle restraint (less is best and they use force free methods) as well as experts in animal behavior. 

The technicians and assistants often work long hours with back breaking days of continuous bending, lifting, squatting and carrying. The doctors' right hands and so much more! There isn't a practice anywhere that could function without the veterinary technician!

The Veterinarians
Dr. Kelly Bowers
Owner, Dr. Marc Schmidt

When you bring your pet/s in for an examination it should be comfortable, informative and stress free. Our JRAC veterinarians will explain all of their findings while examining your pet. 

That means the doctor will be explain all they are seeing and doing when examining your pet and informing you of any abnormalities or concerns they may be finding. After a complete nose to tail....... and I do mean from the tip of your pet's nose to the tip of it's tail the doctor will discuss the findings with you. For example, if your pet is overweight the doctor will discuss a healthy diet and nutrition. 

If your pet's teeth and gums are in poor condition they will inform you of what Grade of Dental Disease your pet has from 1 through 4, meaning if your pet is a Grade 1/4 the teeth and gums look nice and healthy but if your pet has a Grade 3/4 or even worse, a 4/4, they are in need of a periodontal procedure performed under full anesthesia with a radiographs and possible extractions, to prevent further disease processes that may have already begun in your pet's other organs. 

If your doctor does not touch your pet gently, lift the lips so you, the owner, can see the condition of your pet's teeth, check both ears, both eyes, palpate their abdomen and inform you of what they are feeling, either it's palpating normal or it's not, your pet's body condition score, meaning whether your pet is too heavy or too thin, and what they recommend, the overall condition of your pet and any medical advice/recommendations, if the are NOT doing all of this, then you need to move on to a new vet! 

This is one of the biggest reasons that we LOVE Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic! The doctors perform this type of exam to every single pet that they see every single time. The exam should not be a quick look over and all is good, you should be informed of every detail that is going on in the exam. After all, it's your pet, a part of your family! You want to know what's going on with him/her, right?  You should never have to say "Oh! I didn't even know you gave them their vaccine!" You should be part of this! You should be instructed on any side effects of a vaccination that could occur afterwards, you should be given a "Treatment Plan" which is a personalized plan just for your pet consisting of recommendations that the doctor has given to you along with the cost, before anything is performed! 

Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic's doctors and staff believe in treating all pets without force and rewarding them for good behavior. They follow the guidelines to being a Feline Friendly Practice which means they do everything they can to assure your cat has a positive experience. See American Association of Feline Practitioners to see all they do to follow the regulations. 

JRAC uses positive rewards for each exam including treats, Kong stuffing, and toys for your pet to enjoy while there, eliminating fear. 
Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic loves to boast about their clients and pets and with the client's permission they LOVE to show them to the world through their Facebook Page and on Pinterest! 
The doctors and staff take time with you and your pet from the minute you enter their doors, all the while during your sit down examination to the CSR when leaving! 

"There are so many reasons that Az Pet Professionals love Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic (JRAC) our San Tan Valley Veterinarians! 
The compassion, quality of medicine provided, immense client education, and the professionalism of the practice are just a few reasons! 
Being a certified veterinary technician I've learned what makes a great practice all the way from the staff, to the doctors, to how they treat your pets and what makes a terrible visit to the vet. I can tell first hand that owner, Dr. Marc Schmidt, is one of the best veterinarians I've ever known and had the pleasure to work alongside for ten amazing years! 
With his associate, Dr. Kelly Bowers, and their amazing staff, they make sure that all clients and patients are treated humanely, gently, and with great respect and compassion. 
I know this because I assisted in the opening of JRAC back in May of 2005. I like to say I was Dr. Schmidt's right hand for many years and enjoyed every single year watching the practice develop into what it is now, the best veterinary clinic in the San Tan Valley and outlying areas!" Kim MacCrone

Want the best veterinarians and staff in the San Tan Valley area? 

Well, I think we just showed you who that is! 

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