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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 15th-21st

Being in the pet industry as a veterinarian, pet sitter, a dog walker, groomer, trainer, a veterinary technician, or countless other pet businesses, unfortunately has their fair share of hearing about dog bite encounters or experiencing them themselves. It’s a small world when it comes to being in the pet industry and news travels fast especially now with multiple social media sites. 

Often people blame the dog for a bite when in fact it is typically a lack of knowledge by pet owners, carelessness of the owner, training or lack of it, not spaying or neutering and the housing situation of the dog.

(All pictures and sources have been authorized and encouraged for use by the AVMA.)
Here are the latest statistics by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association.)

Responsible Pet Ownership- What can pet owners do?

· Don’t adopt a puppy without planning it out carefully. Knowing the cost from puppyhood to adult and each year thereafter, the breed that will fit your family most, exercise and grooming requirements, socializing, training and lifestyle all play a big role in what you can do to make a responsible decision.

· Socializing

· Training- basic “sit, stay, come” as well as advanced training should concerns in your pet’s behavior show up later. We recommend our professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, Kathrine Breeden, owner of Be Kind To Dogs.

· Veterinary appointments. Puppies require a series of puppy vaccines and multiple visits until 4-6 months of age.

· Heartworm prevention and testing

· Flea and Tick prevention

· Spay and Neuter (you can contact any of our recommended veterinarians for appointments for all of the above and for spaying and neutering. Just click here to see our veterinarians:

· Exercising

· Teaching children how to approach dogs, when and when not to. Most bites happen to small children ages 3 years old to 6 year old. Here are some great tips to teach children how to prevent being bitten:

As pet professionals continue to learn and educate themselves in important areas such as preventing dog bites they also continue to try to educate pet owners they know and meet. This is something everyone can do!
If you are in need of a professional dog service, please take a look at all of our PAGES.

If you read this article and know other pet owners please SHARE! You could just be preventing someone from becoming a victim of a dog bite.

Thank you!

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