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The dogs without a voice

Protecting outdoor pets in excessive heat

What can you do?

What would you do?

Below are just a few of the hundreds of posts now familiar to many thanks to local News Channels, about a Facebook Page that was created out of concern for Chandler dogs who have been tied outside in the excessive heat without proper food, shelter, water.

" It's so sad because the problem is they don't do anything until it's too late.. These dogs don't pick the people the people pick these dogs.. I truly wish somebody would go in there and gather those dogs.. more and more people should get involved because it is our business to save these animals.. they can't save themselves.." Private name

"I'm one of many, who is concerned about several dogs being left outside without clean water, enough shade and with EXTREME weather conditions. Something has to be done about this!! " Private name

"I'm especially concerned about one of the Husky dogs who is favoring his front paw. He's not walking on it and it clear that he is injured. This is neglect. The owners need to be held accountable for this! These dogs are obviously not being cared for in the best manner possible, and they could easily be the next news story and the owners arrested as a result of their demise.
I care. I'm concerned. I'm outraged that there are homeowners who are not considering their dogs a priority. It is way too hot for these dogs to also be lying on hot ground. There isn't green grass for them to even lay down on. While the law states they must have food, water and shelter, this is simply not enough with the extreme weather conditions in Chandler. These dogs have got to be miserable."

"Just sitting here thinking about the husky situation and it just dawned on me that she's most likely not feeding them properly either. I really wish she would at the very least accept some help from the community. Those they have been in contact with her-what is her reasoning for not accepting any of the help that has been offered? At this point it seems as though we are trying to reason with an
unreasonable person." Private name

If you live in Chandler you may have seen the recent case where a young dog was left outside in the excessive heat and passed away in the arms of a heroic neighbor trying desperately to save her. 
This tragedy fell on the heels of a chocolate lab that was left outside on an apartment patio with no food, water, or shade. By the time authorities arrived the young dog died, no doubt an agonizing death. 
Following these horrendous cases is yet still another, until some amazing community women and men came together to be the victims' voices. 
A concerned neighbor, her son and the amazing crew of News Channel 15
It's the story about the dogs that have been tied and/or chained outside in the excessive heat on a property near Chandler Heights and McQueen. 

Supposedly this is not the first year that the dogs on the property have had to battle the intense elements nor is it the first time concerned community members have offered to help. 
The community has come together once again offering to assist not only the dogs but the owner as well. 
The owner of the dogs has been offered, among many just a few:

  • new sprinkler systems for the dogs...installed
  • vet care for all dogs
  • grooming of the heavy, matted haircoats
  • shade over hangs that will offer some relief
  • plastic play pools
  • dog food and bones, toys, etc.
  • a security system for the owner. YES, even a security system for the owner.
Unfortunately the owner has refused all help. This makes us all wonder "why"? 
Now should be time when the owner embraces the generosity and support her community is willing and lovingly offering. 
Why has she refused any and all attempts at helping her and her dogs?

Many of us fear that there will be a tragic end to this story before something can be legally done to help the dogs. That is because the law states that as long as the dogs have food, shelter and water, their hands are tied, preventing them in removing the dogs. Many of the authorities are pet lovers and owners themselves and we can only imagine how this must be affecting them too. We can't thank them enough for trying to help with this.

Courtesy of Tegna Media-Channel 12 News

There have so far been three news segments in regards to this incident. In case you missed the News we've provided the link so you can watch.

What we need to do is write our Congress so that we can get the Law changed! We need a more clear Law in regards to what condones adequate food, water and shelter? What temperature is TOO hot for an animal to be outside for extended periods. This goes for all animals,not just dogs! 
Cats, Cows, horses, chickens, are often left outside in the Arizona heat without much if any, shelter. 
We've all driven by horses outside with absolutely no shade in sight. How can we drive by this every day and not do something? Have we simply grown immune to this or is it that we silently keep hoping someone else will have the guts to make the first move?

Now is the time. It is irrelevant as to how long it has taken to come to light the fact is the time is here, it is now. We must act now in order to get the Laws changed and clarified about our heat and the pets left outside to suffer in it. 

Below is a link that will take you to a page where you can type in your address to find out who your Legislative Representative is. Next to their name is an "Email" link. Please consider emailing and handwriting and sending in your letters.... Today! 

Email your Legislator!

Here is the email address to send letters of concern:

Let's ban together to make this happen. Keep your ears and eyes open in your surroundings. Be the animals voices! Don't turn a blind eye, the fact is that your silence is only contributing in killing them...............

Thank you to all the brave and heroic people of Chandler who have stepped up, started the campaign stream, and continue to come together for the animals! 

Read more on what you can do to help keep pets cool this summer .......


Fur provides some amount of protection from the sun but thick fur prevents body heat from escaping and promotes overheating. It's a myth that shaving a dog's coat makes him hotter. Shaving it to the skin can make him vulnerable to sunburn but cutting the fur to about one inch can help him stay cooler. If you don't want to shave him brush as much undercoat as you can out and be sure no solid mats are there to trap heat and moisture.

Tips on protecting pets in the heat.

· Don’t walk or run your dog in the heat. That may seem obvious but we see it every day in the Arizona scorching heat! Try to take early morning short walks or late evening walks. Even short walks will help keep your pet in a routine until Fall!

· Never, Ever, Ever keep your pets or kids in parked cars!

Why does this continue to happen?

See the Humane Society's Tips. What can you do if you see a pet or child in a hot car?

· Be prepared for travel emergencies. What are some things that could happen if your car broke down while traveling with your pet and while you waited you used your only bottle of water?

Try this:
· Try bringing a cooler with ice, or ice packs that are already froze.
· Bring a battery powered fan. Trust me, they exist!
· Have a towel that you can soak in the melted part of the ice in the cooler and place it over your pet’s head and/or body to slowly cool him down.

Cooling an overheated Dog at home:

We are all human. Even the worst mistakes can happen to people with good intentions. Most of us have busy schedules and people can forget. It can be a true tragedy. If you inadvertently leave your dog outside and find him overheated there are a few things you can do at home:

Move him indoors and cool him down slowly. Don't plunge an overheated dog into ice water! This is commonly what most people think they should do. This causes the peripheral blood vessels to contract actually trapping the overheated blood at the body's core -- just where it does most harm.

Instead, cool the dog slowly by placing a cool towel over his head, legs, body and aiming a fan at him. If you have a thermometer, cool him until his temperature reaches 103 degrees F (39 degrees C), then stop as it will continue to decline. Transport him to the nearest veterinary clinic. Even if he appears to have recovered he needs to go to the veterinarian because some delayed but deadly effects can still occur even days later.

Not All Dogs Can Swim!

Although swimming is a great exercise in warm weather make sure your dog can swim first! Some breeds, such as bulldogs, French bulldogs and Pekingese, have the swimming ability of cinder blocks. Even good swimmers can drown in backyard pools if they don't know where the steps are to climb out. Be cautious of your dog swallowing too much pool water that could aspirate into his lungs. 
Never leave your dog unattended around the pool! Trips, falls, stumbles are too common. If you have a senior dog who does not see or hear well, never let them alone near your pool! Just because they've seen the same pool for 10 years, doesn't mean they are not subject to a fall now that they are older!

Dogs and UV Rays
Dogs, especially light-skinned dogs and white dogs, can get sunburn and melanoma cancer just like people can. If your dog likes to be in the sun rub a sunblock on his belly and the top of his nose, the most common sites for sunburn. Most sunblock is safe especially if you put it in places he cannot lick. Distract him for several minutes after you apply the sun block.



Dah, right? 

Don't do this.......

Thanks pet parents! 

We will continue to provide articles, tips and links to help you and your pets survive the hot summer! Kim

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