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Help find Gypsy's Babies!

Are you my baby?

The following post is being shared by Adam Goldberg, owner of "A Gold Photo Pet Photography" who has met and worked for my own friends, Bill and Susie, who recently moved to Florida.

Adam is helping Bill and Susie's beloved fur baby, Gypsy reunite with her puppies.

Please feel free to share Adam's article (and take a minute to see his amazing pet photo website!) so that we can reunite and maybe even have a big party.... for Gypsy and her babies!

Thank you! Kim MacCrone

Source: A Gold Photo

Once there, the couple brought Gypsy to Maricopa Animal Care and Control (MACC) but unfortunately, they told Bill and Susi they could not adopt out a pregnant dog. Fearing this scared girl was going to be put down if they left her at the shelter, Bill and Susi decided they would take her home. A few weeks later Gypsy gave birth to nine puppies. Sadly, only six of them survived. The couple believes the puppies are a Golden Retriever and Dalmatian mix.

Source: A Gold Photo

Susi and Bill’s Pug, named Seven, helped care for the new puppies. The couple’s four kids wanted to keep all of the puppies, but, of course, that’s a lot of dogs for one family to handle. MACC to took them in and found them their furever homes within a day! Awesome, right!?

Source: A Gold Photo

Bill and Susi now live in Tampa, Florida where they have met with Adam Goldberg, an avid animal lover and photographer who has had previous success reuniting dogs and their puppies. Everyone’s goal is now to bring Gypsy back together with her pups for a canine family reunion. Adam contacted MACC, but their records don’t date back to 2003 when Gypsy’s puppies were adopted.

So, Adam, Bill, Susie and Gypsy are hoping you can help. If you adopted a puppy from MACC in 2003/2004 and that pupper is now roughly 12-years-old and looks like a Golden Retriever/Dalmatian mix, please contact Adam at so he can try to reunite this furry family again.

Feature Image & H/T: A Gold Photo
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