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Pet Amber Alert for pets

You’ve heard of our Nation’s Amber Alert but did you know there is also a Pet Amber Alert?

Pet Amber Alert is America’s Missing Pet Broadcast Emergency Response Alert System.

Pet Amber Alert uses advanced technology that helps to spread the word about any lost animal whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or other pet!

Pet Amber Alert's website address is:
There are two simple steps required to fill out an Amber Alert for your lost pet.

1. Fill out your contact information and information about your pet, such as breed, sex, age, description, location last seen and upload any photos you have of your pet. The Amber Alert Team will review your pet’s case thoroughly and put together an informative, professional poster that you can print and place around your neighborhood. The Poster is emailed or faxed the same day.

2. You choose a package convenient to you. Costs range from $30 to $120. The cost covers several important things. Pet Amber Alert will place…

How to clean a dog's ears

Ear infections are miserable! There is no way around that! They can be painful, itchy, swollen and are just plain bothersome!

Arizona Veterinarians see plenty of dogs with ear infections. Some are due to allergies caused by food, the environment or swimming, or genetics.
We’ve compiled some tips to help you clean your dog's ears if he is diagnosed with an ear infection. 

Some ear infections are worsened by self trauma and require a little extra help by using an elizabethan collar like the one above. 


1. Don’t clean your dog’s ears right before his veterinary exam! Why is this important?

The veterinarian needs to see the condition that your pet’s ears are in now. By collecting a sample of exudate from each ear, placing it on a microscope slide and staining it with a special stain, they are able to see the organisms causing the problems. They do this by looking at the stained sample under a microscope.  If all of the debris is washed away by a cleaning before…

East Valley Mobile Veterinarian

August 15th is "Check the Chip" Day

August 15th is “Check the Chip” Month! The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) along with AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) teamed up together to create “Check the Chip day.”
Each year on August 15th the media urges pet owners to have their pet's microchip checked.
This can easily be done by your pet's veterinarian. Veterinarians have microchip scanners
The scanner is a hand held device that is scanned over your pet's back, neck, and shoulder areas, Once the scanner picks up the chip number, it reveals the personal identification number which is a series of just numbers or numbers and letters and often the manufacturer's name.  With this information your veterinary staff can call the manufacture of the chip and give them the number. 
The manufacture looks up the chip number in their database which in turn tells them the pet owner's information including name, address, telephone number, emergency contacts, and the veterinarian or shelter who …

Friday Fun Pet Post!

We still have some time left to spend in the pool! 
Instead of an article today, we wanted to share with you a really neat photo of my good friend, Sherri's dog, Cali and some really cool photos of Flamingos. The photo of Cali, a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever, is simply  one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen and it still makes me think of SUMMER and how much fun swimming with your dog's can be!

Love these photos of 
Sherri and Cali! 
"You had me at Woof"~
Toby, a friend of Sherri's, a Pilot and a Photographer, took the picture of Sherri's dog Cali in the pool and graciously allowed us to use it at our website. Sherri herself also took some amazing photo's of some adorable Flamingos while on vacation in Aruba!  They are incredibly beautiful birds and my dear friend Sherri said we could share them here as well. They just make you feel so happy!
Please remember, you cannot copy/use/re-distribute any of the photos included on this page. Than…

International Assistance Dogs Week

International Assistance Dog Week is August 7-13.

International Assistance Dog Week was created to recognize and honor dedicated, loyal and hardworking assistance dogs that help individuals with mental and physical disabilities live an easier and more fulfilled life. They do this by being a close friend, family member, helper and aide. Marcie Davis established International Assistance Dogs week. Marci was a paraplegic for over 35 years and is the author of “Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook”; as well as the host of the popular Internet radio show, “Working Like Dogs” which you can find at:

We can contribute to honoring these amazing dogs by raising awareness to the public about how they help people with disabilities each day, their dedication, training, commitment and faithfulness. We should also honor the many people and families who participate and act as the puppy raisers and handlers, the people that socialize them and of course their trai…

It's OK to grieve the loss of a beloved pet

How to cope with pet loss
You are NOT crazy to be hurting so much! Grieving over a beloved pet’s death is normal.  There are people who have not gone through pet loss yet that simply won’t understand, but your feelings are real! Please remember there are thousands of pet owners going through the same thing with you. Your pet has been a constant source of love, a companion, a listener, a playmate, an entertainer on your most boring days, unconditional love and happiness and so much more. There is so much to grieve over. People who have never experienced the love of a pet may not understand this but those of us who have will.
What you can expect after your pet dies
2. Denial
3. Anger
4. Depression
Guilt: the “If only I could’ve done something more” syndrome. It is pointless to blame yourself in the event of your pet’s illness or injury. This just makes it more difficult to resolve. There are many factors to guilt. Take comfort knowing your pet had a wonderful, loving life with you. 

Mobile Veterinary Services- Euthanasia and Full Service

When to euthanize your beloved pet?You and your family are the best judge of your pet’s “Quality of Life” in its daily living. Your Veterinarian is the best judge of your pet’s physical and Medical state.
Evaluate your pet’s health honestly. If they are eating, playing, seeking your company, responds to attention, participates in family, then it may not be time.

But if they are in pain, uninterested in life any more, unaware of their surroundings, unresponsive to attention, not eating or drinking or at least much less than normal, continuing, often drastic weight loss, incontinent to the point of losing their stool or urine wherever they may be standing or lying, or perhaps not able to get up any more, then a loving and caring pet owner will most likely know it is their pet’s time.
Prolonging your pet’s suffering because you are not ready to let him go does neither of you any good. Letting him go is your true, final act of love, bravery and compassion.

Mobile Veterinary Services for …


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