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August 15th is "Check the Chip" Day

August 15th is “Check the Chip” Month!

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) along with AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) teamed up together to create “Check the Chip day.”
Each year on August 15th the media urges pet owners to have their pet's microchip checked.
This can easily be done by your pet's veterinarian. Veterinarians have microchip scanners

The scanner is a hand held device that is scanned over your pet's back, neck, and shoulder areas, Once the scanner picks up the chip number, it reveals the personal identification number which is a series of just numbers or numbers and letters and often the manufacturer's name. 
With this information your veterinary staff can call the manufacture of the chip and give them the number. 

The manufacture looks up the chip number in their database which in turn tells them the pet owner's information including name, address, telephone number, emergency contacts, and the veterinarian or shelter who implanted the chip. 

All of the information listed above is rendered useless if the pet owner has not registered the pet's microchip or has not updated a change of address or phone number. The chip's data base searches for the chip's information by the owner's address and telephone numbers, which is why it is very important to make sure these are current.
If your phone number has been disconnected or you've moved and forgot to update your address, there is no way to get in touch with you to inform you that your pet has been found.

Most animals that have been adopted by a local rescue or shelter already have a microchip. With all of the excitement that comes with adopting a new pet, asking important questions can be forgotten. Make sure to ask the shelter what you need to do to make sure that your information will be found with the microchip. Shelters may have different protocols so never assume you are registered as the new owner. 

When you bring your pet to your veterinarian (Check out our veterinarians here!) make sure that you inform them that your pet is microchipped so that they can enter the number in your pet's medical record. 

Your veterinarian should scan your pet's microchip whenever you come in for an examination to assure that the microchip is still readable. Microchips can migrate away from the implantation site making it harder to pick up on a scanner. There have also been cases of defective microchips that will no longer scan. 
It is important to know that your pet's microchip is still in place and the number is picked up right away with a scanner. 

If you've never had your pet's microchip scanned before or if you don't know whether or not your pet is microchipped, then now is the time to bring your pet to your vet and have him/her "Check their Chip".  Most if not all veterinarians will scan your pet at no charge and at any time. 

Authorized for use by
Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic
If your pet is not microchipped you can call and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to have it done at any time.
It is unnecessary for sedation or anesthesia for this to be done. If your pet is very young or tiny, your veterinarian may want to wait for him/her to get a bit bigger to implant the microchip. 

More information on what a microchip is can be found here:

Watch this cute video shared from AVMA.

Below is the web address to an Internet-Based Application, 
Universal Microchip LookUp Tool" that assists in the identification of a microchip's manufacture which in turn can tell you where the chip came from and the telephone number of the manufacture.

The app does NOT register your pet's microchip number. This is a good tool to use if you know your pet's microchip number but not who the manufacture is. This is important to know so that you can update
information if and when needed. 

Participating Microchipping and Pet Recovery Services

Currently, these companies are incorporated into the tool:

  • 24PetWatch Pet Protection Services
  • 911PetChip
  • AKC Reunite
  • BC Pet Registry
  • Found Animals
  • Free Pet Chip Registry
  • Furreka
  • HomeAgain
  • Homeward Bound Pet
  • InfoPET
  • Microchip I.D. Solutions
  • Microchip ID Systems, Inc.
  • Nanochip ID Inc.
  • National Animal Identification Center
  • PetKey
  • PetLink
  • Petstablished
  • Save This Life
  • SmartTag Microchip
For more information on the microchip tool please click here: AAHA’s 

Please take the time to bring your pets to your local veterinary clinic to have their microchips checked and please register or update your information if needed! 

Thanks pet friends! Kim and the Pet Experts!

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