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It's OK to grieve the loss of a beloved pet

How to cope with pet loss 

You are NOT crazy to be hurting so much! Grieving over a beloved pet’s death is normal. 
There are people who have not gone through pet loss yet that simply won’t understand, but your feelings are real! Please remember there are thousands of pet owners going through the same thing with you. Your pet has been a constant source of love, a companion, a listener, a playmate, an entertainer on your most boring days, unconditional love and happiness and so much more. There is so much to grieve over. People who have never experienced the love of a pet may not understand this but those of us who have will.

What you can expect after your pet dies

1. Guilt

2. Denial

3. Anger

4. Depression

Guilt: the “If only I could’ve done something more” syndrome. It is pointless to blame yourself in the event of your pet’s illness or injury. This just makes it more difficult to resolve. There are many factors to guilt. Take comfort knowing your pet had a wonderful, loving life with you. 

Denial: Accepting that your pet is really gone. It can be a tough process to realize that your pet will not be greeting you at the door today or needing to be fed tonight. This process can take days or weeks. Some people never get another pet in fear they are being “Disloyal” to their deceased pet. Each person is unique. You will know when the time is right to add a new pet to your family.

Anger: This is typically directed at the cause of what killed your pet. The speeding car, the disease, the accident, etc. This taken to the extreme can be very distracting to resolving your grief. It takes time to get past the anger process but don’t worry, you will.

Depression: This is completely natural. It is a natural response to any death of a beloved one, whether a pet or a person. Extreme depression can rob you of energy and motivation. If you think you are depressed more than you should be and are having a hard time coping with the feelings, please consider seeking professional grief counseling.

The most important step in healing is to NOT deny or rob yourself of any of these processes. Be honest with yourself. By coming to terms with them is one of the only ways to begin working through them. Cry, scream, and shout! Don’t lock your feelings up. You have a right to feel this way! Someone you loved just died!

Think about the good times. Don’t lock their memories away. Reminisce about them! It truly is good for the soul. 

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