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September is Happy Cat Month and it's not over yet!

September is Happy Cat Month

Even though September is almost over, we’d love to hear of ways you kept your cat happy this month, or if there are things you learned about keeping your cat happy, that you’d like to share! Here are the top five things we found out from our readers of how they kept their cats happy this month.

1. They built their cats a special wall with shelves and steps so that they could “perch”.

2. Invested in quality, safe toys for their cats to play with.

3. Adopted another cat.

4. Fed their cats low fat treats to keep them from getting too heavy.

5. Took them to their vet because they hadn’t taken them in over three years.

Wow! These are all great things to do for you cat/s to keep them happy! Thank you for sharing with us! We hope more readers will share their happy cat tips with us too!

We put together some of our own “How to make your cat happy” just for you! Here you go:

1. Love the wall shelf idea from above! Let’s take it a step further and see if
you can build an outdoor Catio! Catio’s are all the rage. They’re safe for your cat because they are enclosed structures and this keeps them safe from vehicles and prey animals. 

2. Number five was great to see! Cats have gotten the short end of the stick the last few decades for not getting to the vet, but now that cat owners understand how important it is, it’s awesome to see the number of cats going to the vet on the rise. So to add to this, how about learning how to acclimate your cat to its carrier so that it’s easier to get them to the vet! American Association of Feline Practitioners has a great page all about this. Don’t forget to watch the video located on the left side, for all tips on how to acclimate your cat to its carrier!

3. We all love flowers and plants, but do we know which ones we bring into our home can potentially toxic plants and flowers to our cats? Cats love to nibble on plant leaves and flowers. Instead of eliminating all the beauty of being able to bring a bouquet home, take a peek here to see which are toxic and check them off your list!

4. Train your cats! Yes, that’s right! Cats can be taught many things! You can teach your cat to sit, come when called and even dance! Positive rewards, aka, low fat treats, are a great way to do this! Cats are smart! We’d love for you to video tape your training progress and send it to us!

5. Microchip your cats. Yes, even if they live indoors only. In case of an emergency or if they simply sneak out through an open door without you noticing, you’ll have a better chance of getting them back if someone finds them and they bring them to the veterinarian to see if they have a microchip. It’s quick to have one implanted and all veterinary clinics do this. Call them today and schedule your cat to get a microchip. If the vet you chose doesn’t send off the paperwork for you, please don’t let it sit around. Time will pass and you’ll never send it off! An un-registered microchip will not do you any good. You must fill out the paperwork and send it in to the company. Trust us on this one! Call one of our veterinarians and schedule today!

6. Learn cat CPR. Cats are curious creatures. Just to be on the safe side, just do this. You may never need to use it, and we hope you won’t have to, but you can’t be too careful. There are many wonderful tools, videos and articles on the Internet that can show you how this is done. 
Here is a link we found on cat CPR. If you’re a cat owner, please don’t skip this!

7. Feed your pet a nutritious diet. Overweight cats are on the rise! Especially if your cats are indoors. There is typically not a lot of play when they’re indoors. Overweight cats can run into medical problems such as urinary blockages, diabetes, and more. We have an excellent source for you! pawTree just came out with a line of cat food! See pawTree’s website here and if you have other questions feel free to call our pawTree professional, Stephanie Thomas! 602-538-4103.

8. Provide a cozy, safe place for your cats to hide and sleep. Cats love to be warm and cozy! 

9. Cats love to perch, so buying a cat tower is a great idea! Your cats can see their world from above, just like in a tree!

9. Spay and Neuter! Need we say more?

So there you go, just a few things we recommend; but we know you can help us on this! Email Kim at and give us some of your tips, or simply leave us a polite reply after this post.
Thanks pet owners! Happy Cat Month!

Stay tuned! We are going to be bringing you some dog training tips to you from our very own Kathrine Breeden
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