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Thanksgiving and your pets

The Fall season is finally here.... I think.
It was the first day since last Fall that I woke up to let the dogs outside this morning and much to my surprise, it felt chilly. The air had a different smell, a different feeling. It smelled of colder, crisper days ahead and of a promise that winter was following closely behind.
What a great time of the year, it's so exciting. The sounds of holiday music in our homes, at work and in our cars, the smells of turkey, ham, spices and fire places. 

But because Thanksgiving came up fast this year, most likely your family is scurrying around trying to get your preparations in check just like me. 
The Az Pet Professionals and I wanted to take a minute to remind you to just breathe, take it all in, take it one day at a time, one hour at a time if needed, and remember to enjoy everything about this time of year and remember to keep your pet family in mind in the midst of all the excitement.

Holiday Treats, alcoholic beverages, rich, fatty foo…

Adopt a senior dog Month

November is adopt a senior dog month!
Why adopt a senior dog?
Below are a few facts to be considered when it comes to adopting a senior dog.

What are families looking for?

Prospective families looking to adopt a new dog typically focus on one thing and that is usually about adopting a puppy. Families want a puppy so that they “can grow with the family” or because it's "cute and cuddly".

Understandable in some situations but what about senior dogs that are available?
Why not are they so overlooked?
Let's take senior citizen people for example. If you were in your seventies, would you adopt a puppy that might outlive you or lived longer than you were able to care for it? This hardly makes sense.
Too often that pet ends up at the pound because none of the remaining family are willing or able to take over the responsibility after the owner has passed away. It's a terribly sad predicament, but it happens often.

Raising a puppy can be lot of work!
If you’re retired and…


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