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Holiday Safety For Pets

Happy Holidays from the Az Pet Professionals

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With the holiday season here many of us have deadlines for shopping, decorating and visiting family and friends which can all raise our stress levels, and our pets! 

New faces and guests can add to that stress during the hustle, bustle of the season. Each time a guest enters your home pets are exposed to a new level of stress in some way. Some of this can be positive but some can be negative stress. Some pets need to be secured in another area of the house while guests are in their home while others are allowed to roam free. Doors, gates and garage doors are opened and closed frequently. The opportunity for escape is high. Winter holidays are one of the top seasons of the year that pets are lost.

Microchipping your pet can help in it's return if they should escape. If your pet is not microchipped yet, all of our veterinarians provide this service. See our veterinarians here and schedule your appointment today.
Reminders this holiday season
  1. Inform your guests not to feed your pet table scraps. Feeding people food can be harmful and sometimes fatal to your pets. 
  2. Keep a routine for your pet. Provide normalcy for them. 
  3. Make sure your pet receives daily exercise. This can burn unwanted stress and energy making them more relaxed. A good dog is a tired dog. 
  4. Give your pets plenty of One-On-One time. 
  5. Keep purses off the floor and out of reach. Purses generally contain medications, sugary gum, mints or candy which are all dangerous for pets. 
Dangerous holiday items to watch for
  1. Plastic beverage holders 
  2. Electric cords and string lights
  3. Glass ornaments 
  4. Ribbons and tinsel 
  5. Foil and Rubber bands 
  6. Artificial Christmas trees- Flock, branches, etc. 
  7. Pine needles. If your pet ingests a pine needle there is a danger of internal organs being pierced by the needles. This may require surgical intervention and can be fatal. 
FAQ: Az Pet Professionals provides you with referred valley veterinarians, professional pet sitters, dog and cat boarding, all natural pet products including high quality dog and cat food by pawTree, homemade dog treats, a professional dog trainer and much, much more. You can go to their pages listed above, to see their services, locations, hours and contact information. 

Safe and delicious dog treats for your dogs this season
Furbabies Delectable Delights recently opened their beautiful retail store located inside their warehouse located in Mesa at 8119 East Apache Trail. Furbabies Delectable Delights has a variety of homemade dog treats, pup cakes, apparel, and other products you’ll love. You can call them at 480-544-8290 and place your order over the phone as well. 
Click here to see the many stores that carry Furbabies treats:

Photo-Courtesy of Pet Sitter Pro
Keeping up with exercise
Take your dog for some extra walks; make sure he realizes that you haven’t forgotten about him during this busy time. If you are pressed for time and unable to do this yourself our professional pet sitters provide dog walking.

Cat play

Cats love cat condos and play time too. Your feline friends need attention and playtime too, but make sure their toys are safe and please remember, no ribbon or tinsel. It may look fun to play with but ribbon and tinsel, as stated above, can become twisted in intestines if ingested.

Giving a pet as a gift
If you are thinking about adopting a new pet please remember that many pets are adopted at this time of the year but for the wrong reasons. Giving someone the gift of a new pet is a big gamble. You may think it's a good idea but your friend may not. A pet might not fit into their lifestyle and the situation could lead the pet to being homeless once again.
Pets are often returned after the initial sentiment has gone. If you are serious about adopting a pet then this can be the perfect time but if you’re just doing it because it’s Christmas then it might be a good idea to revisit this after the holiday when you have more time to research which pet will fit into your family.

Az Pet Professionals want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season with your loved ones, both pets and human!
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