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Pet care necessities


Once you've chosen your new pet addition you’ll need to make sure you have necessary items to care for them. Owning a pet comes with the responsibility of making sure you have everything you need to care for them.

· Dog dishes (a stainless steel, no- tip water bowl and a stainless steel or heavy plastic food bowl. If you have a large dog, it is better if the dishes are up high.

· A place for your dog to sleep.

o Dog bed

o Dog crate

· A toenail clipper or Pedi Paws type nail file

· A brush and/or comb

· A large and a small shaver if you have a small dog that needs trimming before his grooming appointment

· A high quality dog or puppy food and treats. Check out Pawtree’s all natural cat and dog food and Furbabies Delectable Delights homemade, all natural dog treats.

· An appropriate collar, leash or harness for walking. Current rabies tag, microchip tag and identification on the collar.

· Cat dishes (a stainles…


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