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October is
“National Adopt-A-Shelter dog” 
If you’ve been thinking about adopting a new pet but haven’t officially taken the step; there is no better time than right now while America is celebrating our cities Shelter dogs.

I know there are plenty of reasons people put pet adoption on the back burner.

Questions you may have:

· what kind of pet will be a good fit for me?

· will I need to spay or neuter the new pet?

· do I need a veterinary appointment for vaccines, microchip, heartworm prevention, training, socialization?

When you adopt a Shelter dog they are spayed and/or neutered already. If you find a shelter that is adopting out un-neutered or un-spayed dogs, look elsewhere. This might not be a reputable animal shelter.

Shelter dogs are vaccinated with the rabies vaccine and commonly with at least one core vaccine such as the Dhpp before being adopted. Most shelters microchip their dogs but not all of them can afford to. This seems a mere cost to you if y…


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