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Dangers of Xylitol

The Dangers of Xylitol  Courtesy of Jill Flynn professional pet photographer
People are rushed during the holiday season. Something as simple as placing your purse on the floor with chewing gum or candy tucked inside. Curious pets, pets that like to chew anything and everything, puppies, and pets that snoop, all of these things can make them easy targets for chewing on deadly gum and candy packages. 
Most everyone by now knows that chocolate should be kept out of reach of pets. But it's not just chocolate. It's any type of candy, gum or food that contains Xylitol.

 Artificial sweeteners contain ingredients even more dangerous than chocolate.
The main culprit is the artificial sweetener, Xylitol.  Xylitol is found in gums like Orbit.

What makes this ingredient dangerous is that, although the human body can metabolize these complex molecules the canine body is unable to do so.  It seems that once they contact Xylitol in particular, it tastes so sweet that they find it literally irresis…


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