Below are several of our amazing pet experts that we wanted to showcase to you today.
These pet experts not only are experts in what they do, they are truly compassionate, dedicated pet lovers who chose to do what they do because of the love they have for animals. They exceed in client service, go above and beyond for both pet owners and pets, and are highly sought after businesses. 
We are extremely proud to say that they part of our our network family!


Owner-Jenna Trethewey

Jenna is an Arizona native and has been a pet lover and owner all of her life. She enjoys giving her pet friends the individual love and attention they deserve when their family is away. Not only does Play Time Pet Care offer in your home pet sitting, but they also provide overnight in care your home, dog walking, puppy care, taxi! Yes! You heard that right, Taxi! If you can't get your pet somewhere, Play Time Pet Care CAN! 
Play Time Pet Care services the pet owners and residents of Mesa, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon. 

Call Jenna today for your consultation at:

Watch Jenna's fun Youtube video introducing Play Time Pet Care and what they can do for you!

Heather has been a member of Az Pet Professionals since 2010. She has the most wonderful boarding facility located in Queen Creek. In her cozy "home-like" house, she is able to care for dogs, cats, small pocket pets, birds and even reptiles! Her guests love staying with her because they stay in a real house with a big, grassy back yard for playtime. Heather's boarding home comes fully equipped with alarms, web cams, monitors and is inspected annually through Pinal County. She has passed with flying colors every year! 
Heather is a founding member of Pinal County Chamber of Commerce.

Read here to see Heather's Better Business Bureau credit rating. 
In her "spare" time, she volunteers and fosters for Az Chihuahua Rescue. 

See Heather's website at: 
Call her now at: 

Meet the owner of Fancy Fur "n Purr, Brittany Hollingsworth! 

Brittany has been grooming for years in Arizona. She has won Best New Business and Best of Grooming Salon in 2011 and most recently she was voted Best of 2015 in Chandler! Brittany hires and trains her staff with exceptional attention to detail, professionalism, and client/patient orientated. Brittany's team of groomers are more than amazing, they're SPECTACULAR! She's been voted the best because she is the best! 

Call Brittany today and schedule your pet's
 fun day at the Parlor! 

Follow Brittany on Face book and see what fun she has with grooming your furbabies!

If you want to see what other people are saying about Brittany and Fancy Fur 'n Purr, click here: 

Thank you to these three Az Pet Professionals for being such incredible pet businesses! Stay tuned because next week we will feature three more incredible pet businesses that you will want to meet!

Curious Tails-Professional Pet Sitter in Scottsdale

Website Address:
Phone Number: 480-725-9752

Rai is the owner of Curious Tails, a professional pet sitting service in Scottsdale. Rai joined Az Pet Professionals in August of 2015 and we couldn't be more happy to showcase her along with her amazing pet sitting services! 
If you live in Scottsdale and need a trusted, reliable, dedicated Pet Sitter, give Rai a call today for your consultation visit!

Rai moved from Texas to Arizona in 2015. Rai lived in Texas and was a not only providing pet sitting services, she was also a veterinary technician for 5 years. Prior to Texas, Rai lived and worked as veterinary technician in Florida as well. 

For a very unique and interesting twist to our amazing pet expert, Rai worked with such amazing organizations such as the Honolulu Zoo, the University of Florida Veterinary College, The Houston Zoo and the Landry's Aquarium Group. She has worked with some very cool animals, including koala bears, white tigers, sloths, sea lions, birds and many lizards and other amphibians. 

Rai is currently working part time as a veterinary technician in Scottsdale where she continues to do what she loves inside a clinic as well! 
Some things that Rai can offer to you with her extensive veterinary medical background are:

  • Subcutaneous Fluid Administration
  • Oral and Topical Medications
  • Insulin Injections
  • Bandage check and re-bandage
  • Post Surgical Care and Assessment
  • Taxi to and from vet appointments, grooming appointments or tailored to your needs
  • Nose to Tail- Well being assessments
Rai's pet sitting services:
  • Overnight Stays in your home
  • Dog and Cat sitting- and all that goes with (mail check, house security, watered plants)
  • Dog Walking- weather permitting
  • Communication updates tailored for you. Photos, Texts, Emails, Phone Calls. 
You can see several fun photos of pets Rai gets to visit on her Instagram Page! Rai has received permission to use these pet photos on her social media platforms and her website. 

Follow Rai on the Social Scene!




And if that just isn't enough fun about Rai..... here are some amazing reviews Curious Tails has received 
from some very happy clients!

So Scottsdale! What do you think? She's pretty amazing isn't she? 
If you are looking for an outstanding, veterinary technician trained, compassionate, dedicated, pet sitter......... We are pretty sure you just found her! 

Help find Gypsy's Babies!

Are you my baby?

The following post is being shared by Adam Goldberg, owner of "A Gold Photo Pet Photography" who has met and worked for my own friends, Bill and Susie, who recently moved to Florida.

Adam is helping Bill and Susie's beloved fur baby, Gypsy reunite with her puppies.

Please feel free to share Adam's article (and take a minute to see his amazing pet photo website!) so that we can reunite and maybe even have a big party.... for Gypsy and her babies!

Thank you! Kim MacCrone

Source: A Gold Photo

Once there, the couple brought Gypsy to Maricopa Animal Care and Control (MACC) but unfortunately, they told Bill and Susi they could not adopt out a pregnant dog. Fearing this scared girl was going to be put down if they left her at the shelter, Bill and Susi decided they would take her home. A few weeks later Gypsy gave birth to nine puppies. Sadly, only six of them survived. The couple believes the puppies are a Golden Retriever and Dalmatian mix.

Source: A Gold Photo

Susi and Bill’s Pug, named Seven, helped care for the new puppies. The couple’s four kids wanted to keep all of the puppies, but, of course, that’s a lot of dogs for one family to handle. MACC to took them in and found them their furever homes within a day! Awesome, right!?

Source: A Gold Photo

Bill and Susi now live in Tampa, Florida where they have met with Adam Goldberg, an avid animal lover and photographer who has had previous success reuniting dogs and their puppies. Everyone’s goal is now to bring Gypsy back together with her pups for a canine family reunion. Adam contacted MACC, but their records don’t date back to 2003 when Gypsy’s puppies were adopted.

So, Adam, Bill, Susie and Gypsy are hoping you can help. If you adopted a puppy from MACC in 2003/2004 and that pupper is now roughly 12-years-old and looks like a Golden Retriever/Dalmatian mix, please contact Adam at so he can try to reunite this furry family again.

Feature Image & H/T: A Gold Photo

National Pet Fire Safety Day- July 15th

 July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day is about making sure your pets don't inadvertently start your home on fire and keeping them safe in case of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 1,000 house fires each year are accidentally started by the homeowners' pets. It's much easier to do than you might realize.

Take a walk through your home and locate all potential fire hazards and then move, fix or store them out of your pet's reach! 
These may include:
  • wires
  • lit candles or other open flame sources
  • plug in pout porrie liquids
  • stovetop burners- especially the flat glass
  • electrical cords of any kind

You may want to:
  • Invest in flameless candles  
  • Keep collars, harnesses, leashes near your front door so that help can quickly secure them when saved.
  • Make sure that everyone in your home knows where the pet carriers are and keep them close to the front or back door. 
  • Make sure that each family member knows your pet fire safety plan. 
Don't leave pets unattended around any open flames. This includes lit candles, fireplaces and bbq's. Cats are able to easily jump onto counters and stove tops. Medium to large dogs often don't realize they're as big as they are and one giant swish of a tail could catch your dog and your home on fire. 

Always make sure before you leave your home that these hazards are distinguished and/or put away safely. 


If you use an Alarm Company make sure your fire detectors are connected to their fire response center. Pet's can't escape if your home is on fire and if you need to rely on a neighbor or a person passing by your home, precious minutes are lost. 
It is a great idea to get your pets trained to run to one room when called. They can easily be trained to do this by using food or treats. If your home catches fire when you are home, you can quickly call them into the room and from there, safely get them out a window or wait for the fire department. We suggest that you keep at least one to two carriers in that room so that you have them available if needed. Of course this will rely on the number of pets you have. 

Have a house safety plan. Of course people need to protect themselves and get out first and foremost, especially with a fast moving fire, but if there is time, make sure to remember each part of your pet safety plan.

Make sure your pets are Microchipped so that if they escape and someone else finds them they will be more likely returned to you. Keep up to date tags with your information on each pet. Without current owner information your pet's microchip won't guarantee them to be reunited with you. The company must have current phone numbers and addresses in order to search for your name.

Know your pet's hiding spots so you can go directly (if safety permits) to them and not have to look all over your house. Keep a keen eye on each pet and watch where they go, learn their hiding habits. 
These preventable measures could mean the difference between life or death of your pets. Please don't delay in updating or creating your pet fire safety plan. 

Spotlight Guest! Clean or Toss? The life cycle of your pet's beds, bowls, crates and toys

Clean or Toss? 

The life cycle of your pet's beds, bowls, crates and toys.

The following infographic was shared to us by Chelsea Clark,  and Graphics shared by Petco. 

To read this entire article in between the graphics, please click here:

Fact or Fiction?

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