Dogs and dangers of our Arizona Heat

How to protect our dogs in the Summer Heat

Hair coats can be dreadful in the summer for our dogs! 

Dog Fur provides some amount of protection from the sun but thick fur prevents body heat from escaping and promotes overheating. It's a myth that shaving a dog's coat makes him hotter. Shaving it to the skin can make him vulnerable to sunburn but cutting the fur to about one inch can help him stay cooler. If you don't want to shave him, brush as much undercoat as you can and be sure no solid mats are left to trap heat and moisture. Better yet! Call and schedule a grooming with one of our amazing groomers, either via Salon or Mobile! Check them out at the top under Grooming!

 Tips on protecting pets in the heat

· Don’t walk or run your dog in the heat. That may seem obvious right? But we see it every day in the Arizona scorching heat! Try to take early morning short walks or late evening walks.

· Never, Ever, Ever keep your pets in parked cars! Or children for that matter! Finally some Laws are being placed that fines owners who are found with their pet's inside a hot car. Just the other day a celebrity was found guilty of leaving her dog in a hot car! Do you know who she is?

· Be prepared for travel emergencies. What are some things that could happen if your car broke down while traveling with your pet and while you waited you used your only bottle of water? 

Try this:

· Bring a cooler with ice.

· Bring a battery powered fan.

· Have a towel that you can soak in the melted part of the ice in the cooler and place it over your pet’s head and/or body. 

Cooling an overheated Dog at home

We are all human. Even the worst mistakes can happen to people with good intentions.  Most of us have busy schedules and can forget. It can be a true tragedy. If you inadvertently leave your dog outside and find him overheated there are a few things you can do at home:

Move him indoors and cool him down slowly. Don't plunge an overheated dog into ice water! This is usually what most people think they should do. This causes the peripheral blood vessels to contract actually trapping the overheated blood at the body's core -- just where it does most harm.

Instead, cool the dog slowly by placing him in cool water or by draping him with wet towels and aiming a fan at him. Once the dog is not panting hard, and has been able to get up and move around, offer him cool water. Do not try to force a dog who is heavily panting, to drink water!

If you have a thermometer, cool him until his temperature reaches 102.7-103 degrees F, then stop as it will continue to decline. As soon as you have him cooling transport him to the vet clinic for further monitoring. Even if he appears to have recovered he needs to go because some delayed, but deadly effects can still occur hours or even days later.

Not All Dogs Can Swim! 

Although swimming is a great exercise in warm weather make sure your dog can swim first! Some breeds, such as bulldogs, French bulldogs and Pekingese, have the swimming ability of cinder blocks. Even good swimmers can drown in backyard pools if they don't know where the steps are to climb out. Be cautious of your dog swallowing too much pool water that could aspirate into his lungs. Never leave your dog un-attended around the pool.

Dogs and UV Rays

Dogs, especially light-skinned dogs and white dogs, can get sunburn and melanoma cancer just like people can. If your dog likes to be in the sun rub a sun block on his belly and the top of his nose, the most common sites for sunburn. Most sun block is safe especially if you put it in places he cannot lick. Distract him for several minutes after you apply the sun block.


Thanks pet parents! We will continue to provide articles, tips and links to help you and your pets survive the hot summer!

Scottsdale Cat Clinic- the best in the West!

Introducing this weeks Featured Veterinary Clinic! Scottsdale Cat Clinic recently joined Az Pet Professionals as official members of our network group. We are excited for cat owners in Scottsdale to learn more about such an upstanding veterinary clinic..... just for our feline family!

For business hours, location, and more, please visit our Business Website: 

Scottsdale Cat Clinic.... 

Was designed with cats in mind. From the moment you enter the clinic you will feel a calm atmosphere and speak to trained and educated staff that are specially trained to deal with cats. 
Many cat owners decline feline annual examinations due to the stress it can put on their cat. SCC understands better how to work with cats and helps educate their clients even before their cat's appointment to make things less stressful to the owner and the patient. 

Meet Dr. Judy Karnia, owner of Scottsdale Cat Clinic. 

Dr. Karnia has been a practicing veterinarian since 1994. Originally from the Midwest, Dr. Karnia and her husband, Scott Hermanson, Client Service Representative and all around handy man at the clinic, fell in love with our state and officially made it home in Scottsdale. 
Dr. Karnia enjoys hiking, running, marathons, jazz music and art galleries on her days off. 
Dr. Karnia and one of her special feline friends
Please take a tour of SCC here: Tour 

Tour our gorgeous practice!

Scottsdale Cat Clinic employs specially trained veterinary assistants and technicians as well as an Associate Veterinarian, Dr. Mya Bellapianta. Their trained staff specializes in working with cats.

Trained Technicians and Assistants
continue learning up to date feline practices
Meet Kristina!
Call us!
Business Phone: 480-970-1175

Kristina has been a part of Scottsdale Cat Clinic since 2011. While Kristina loves a good chin rub, don't try to pick her up! Kristina prefers to keep her feet on the ground!

Scottsdale Cat Clinic is proud to be member's of several prestigious organizations. 

Read more about being a "Cat Friendly" Practice here:

Thank you Scottsdale Cat Clinic for providing our cat owners with a comfortable, calm, feline only practice! 


We believe in "Positive Reward Methods" of pet care and dog training. We are compiled of "Force Free" pet experts!


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