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National Pet Dental Awareness Month


Although it's almost over, it's never too late to take charge and care for your pet's teeth. Many veterinary hospitals participate in National Dental Awareness Month and some even offer discounts or other promotions. February may be the National month to promote dental care it is not the only month you should think about your pet's teeth.

Reasons pet owners wait:

Expense is the main reason pet owners wait to schedule dental procedures for their pets. But there are others too:
  • Owners are not aware that their pet has dental disease
  • Prioritizing
  • Time constraints
Signs of Dental Disease include:

• Foul breath

• Drooling

• Chewing food on only one side of the mouth

• Pawing at mouth and/or rubbing face on floor or carpet

• Trying to bite when you touch around face (sign of pain)

• Always acting hungry (because they are unable to eat with bad teeth)

• Not wanting to eat (hurts to eat)

There are four stages of gum disease. Which do you think your pet has?

1. Stage 1- presents with reddened gingival tissues. This is the initial stage. Bad breath is one of the first signs.

2. Stage II- presents as the early stage of gum disease. Signs include moderate reddening at the gingival margin, edema, and plaque. Most animals are between the ages of one and four. Cats sometimes are affected later. With scaling, polishing and home care, this stage is usually curable.

3. Stage III- presents Established Periodontal Disease. This stage appears as edema, inflammation and the beginning of pocket formation. This marks the change from gingivitis which is reversible with treatment to periodontitis which is controllable with therapy, but not curable.

4. Stage IV- appears as severe inflammation (bleeding on contact), deep pockets, gum recession, bone loss, pustular discharge, and tooth mobility. The severe inflammation and pain in some cases causes the animals to rub their face, drop food while eating, and drool excessively. Although treatable, stage IV is not curable.

It is thought that diet can play a role in developing dental disease.

Harder foods tend to decrease the rate of plaque deposit in comparison to wet food. This is not always true though. Heredity can play a role on which breeds of animals develop dental disease at a faster rate.

Hard bones can be harmful. Chewing on some bones can break teeth and cut into the gum tissue. Cow hooves, deer antlers, and other very hard products, can create fractures that require a root canal or extraction. This isn't always the case, but it does happen. 
Dental care does not end after a dental procedure. Specific dental programs are outlined individually by the veterinarian for each patient. 
See our list of veterinarians and call to schedule your pet's examination with them. During your pet's exam, they will be able to customize a treatment plan for your pet's dental needs. 

Thank you to Dr. Marc Schmidt, owner of Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic; and his clients for allowing us authorized use of the photos in this article. These photos may not be copied or shared for use. 

Scottsdale Cat Clinic has a new home

Our Scottsdale Veterinary Cat Clinic has just moved to a new location into a brand new facility. Take a look here:

See their brand new facility at their new location!
5001 North Granite Reef Rd, Ste. #105
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250
Business Website:
Business Phone: (480)-970-1175

Dr. Judy Karnia
American Association of Feline Practitioners
Veterinary Professionals passionate about the care of your cats!

Follow Scottsdale Cat Clinic

Hours of operation:

Monday & Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
Tuesday & Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Wednesday: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Pet care necessities


Once you've chosen your new pet addition you’ll need to make sure you have necessary items to care for them. Owning a pet comes with the responsibility of making sure you have everything you need to care for them.

· Dog dishes (a stainless steel, no- tip water bowl and a stainless steel or heavy plastic food bowl. If you have a large dog, it is better if the dishes are up high.

· A place for your dog to sleep.

o Dog bed

o Dog crate

· A toenail clipper or Pedi Paws type nail file

· A brush and/or comb

· A large and a small shaver if you have a small dog that needs trimming before his grooming appointment

· A high quality dog or puppy food and treats. Check out Pawtree’s all natural cat and dog food and Furbabies Delectable Delights homemade, all natural dog treats.

· An appropriate collar, leash or harness for walking. Current rabies tag, microchip tag and identification on the collar.

· Cat dishes (a stainless steel no- tip water and food bowl)

· A place for your cat or kitten to sleep, a comfy pet bed will do

· A toenail clipper to keep his/her nails short

· A scratching post (so he/she won't scratch your furniture)
  • Cat towers and shelves are great for cats to view their environment from a high perch
· Appropriate number of litter boxes

· A breakaway collar with identification in case he/she escapes outside

· Mobile groomer’s telephone number for those that require regular grooming

· A professional dog trainer for introductory periods as well as future concerns

If you own a dog or cat you should keep all of their health records in a file so if you need them you will know exactly where to find them. Keep your pets current on their vaccinations and annual exams. All pets should be MICROCHIPPED. Schedule your appointment with one of our veterinarians today.

You are off to a great start on being a good pet owner. 

Please make sure to contact your veterinarian if your pet has any health concerns and remember, please spay and neuter your pets if they aren’t already.

Happy New Year!

It's New Year’s Eve!

License for use purchased at "A dog's Life Photography"

Many people are ready to ring in 2017 with a bang and a loud good bye to 2016! 
We find ourselves asking, "Why has 2016 been so hard"?
There have been many tragedies, numerous deaths of icons, colossal hurt, anger amongst one another, and depression for many. 2016 will be a year that many will call; The worst they remember. 
With such an unhappy year, with so much hurt and pain, I want to believe that 2017 means we are supposed to rebuild. Rebuild our souls, our compassion, or empathy. For ourselves, others and the animals of the World. 

I believe that in order to become better, we have to have been at our worst. I think we've all had our share of "our worst" in 2016. So here's to the exceptional start to something new... something we've needed and waited for, for a long time. A new beginning. 

Bring it on 2017!

Whether you're staying in tonight or going to a New Year's Eve party, have a safe and happy night. From all of us... The Az Pet Professionals

If you're interested in reading yet another group of tips to keep your pets safe tonight, we compiled the most important as well as the most easily overlooked safety tips of the night.

  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification tags and your current contact information. 
  • Microchip your pet. 
  • Keep your pets indoors in a quiet area that is familiar. 
  • Dogs who are crate trained may feel safest in their kennels.  Cats will do best in a bathroom or utility room with food, water and their litter box. You can turn on some music to help drain out some of the noise.
  • Frightened outdoor dogs have been known to jump high fences and dig holes to escape the sound of fireworks. 
  • Make sure to keep all alcohol, foods, chocolates, floral arrangements and party decorations away from your pets. 
  • Alcohol can be dangerous and deadly while balloons, streamers, party hats and confetti can become lodged in your pet’s intestines, causing an intestinal blockage. 
  • Make sure you have the nearest emergency veterinary hospital in your phone in case you need to transport your pet. Every second counts. Know where you're going, call them en-route and give them a brief account of why you're coming and an estimated time of arrival. 

Stay safe, have fun, and Happy New Year, from all of us... 
The Az Pet Professionals

Holiday Safety For Pets

Happy Holidays from the Az Pet Professionals

Purchased from A Dog's Life Photography

With the holiday season here many of us have deadlines for shopping, decorating and visiting family and friends which can all raise our stress levels, and our pets! 

New faces and guests can add to that stress during the hustle, bustle of the season. Each time a guest enters your home pets are exposed to a new level of stress in some way. Some of this can be positive but some can be negative stress. Some pets need to be secured in another area of the house while guests are in their home while others are allowed to roam free. Doors, gates and garage doors are opened and closed frequently. The opportunity for escape is high. Winter holidays are one of the top seasons of the year that pets are lost.

Microchipping your pet can help in it's return if they should escape. If your pet is not microchipped yet, all of our veterinarians provide this service. See our veterinarians here and schedule your appointment today.
Reminders this holiday season
  1. Inform your guests not to feed your pet table scraps. Feeding people food can be harmful and sometimes fatal to your pets. 
  2. Keep a routine for your pet. Provide normalcy for them. 
  3. Make sure your pet receives daily exercise. This can burn unwanted stress and energy making them more relaxed. A good dog is a tired dog. 
  4. Give your pets plenty of One-On-One time. 
  5. Keep purses off the floor and out of reach. Purses generally contain medications, sugary gum, mints or candy which are all dangerous for pets. 
Dangerous holiday items to watch for
  1. Plastic beverage holders 
  2. Electric cords and string lights
  3. Glass ornaments 
  4. Ribbons and tinsel 
  5. Foil and Rubber bands 
  6. Artificial Christmas trees- Flock, branches, etc. 
  7. Pine needles. If your pet ingests a pine needle there is a danger of internal organs being pierced by the needles. This may require surgical intervention and can be fatal. 
FAQ: Az Pet Professionals provides you with referred valley veterinarians, professional pet sitters, dog and cat boarding, all natural pet products including high quality dog and cat food by pawTree, homemade dog treats, a professional dog trainer and much, much more. You can go to their pages listed above, to see their services, locations, hours and contact information. 

Safe and delicious dog treats for your dogs this season
Furbabies Delectable Delights recently opened their beautiful retail store located inside their warehouse located in Mesa at 8119 East Apache Trail. Furbabies Delectable Delights has a variety of homemade dog treats, pup cakes, apparel, and other products you’ll love. You can call them at 480-544-8290 and place your order over the phone as well. 
Click here to see the many stores that carry Furbabies treats:

Photo-Courtesy of Pet Sitter Pro
Keeping up with exercise
Take your dog for some extra walks; make sure he realizes that you haven’t forgotten about him during this busy time. If you are pressed for time and unable to do this yourself our professional pet sitters provide dog walking.

Cat play

Cats love cat condos and play time too. Your feline friends need attention and playtime too, but make sure their toys are safe and please remember, no ribbon or tinsel. It may look fun to play with but ribbon and tinsel, as stated above, can become twisted in intestines if ingested.

Giving a pet as a gift
If you are thinking about adopting a new pet please remember that many pets are adopted at this time of the year but for the wrong reasons. Giving someone the gift of a new pet is a big gamble. You may think it's a good idea but your friend may not. A pet might not fit into their lifestyle and the situation could lead the pet to being homeless once again.
Pets are often returned after the initial sentiment has gone. If you are serious about adopting a pet then this can be the perfect time but if you’re just doing it because it’s Christmas then it might be a good idea to revisit this after the holiday when you have more time to research which pet will fit into your family.

Az Pet Professionals want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season with your loved ones, both pets and human!

Thanksgiving and your pets

The Fall season is finally here.... I think.
It was the first day since last Fall that I woke up to let the dogs outside this morning and much to my surprise, it felt chilly. The air had a different smell, a different feeling. It smelled of colder, crisper days ahead and of a promise that winter was following closely behind.
What a great time of the year, it's so exciting. The sounds of holiday music in our homes, at work and in our cars, the smells of turkey, ham, spices and fire places. 

But because Thanksgiving came up fast this year, most likely your family is scurrying around trying to get your preparations in check just like me. 

The Az Pet Professionals and I wanted to take a minute to remind you to just breathe, take it all in, take it one day at a time, one hour at a time if needed, and remember to enjoy everything about this time of year and remember to keep your pet family in mind in the midst of all the excitement.

Holiday Treats, alcoholic beverages, rich, fatty foods and bones can be harmful or toxic to your pets. You get that. We’re fairly certain you’ve heard this before.
So we wanted to provide you with a quick refresher on some things you can do to keep your pets safe this holiday.

· Keep your pet on their regular diet and caution guests against giving your pet any “special treats”. I like to put notes around my house that actually spell out in large writing, NO HUMAN FOOD FOR OUR PETS PLEASE. It works..

· Watch hot containers and pots on the stove.

· Hot turkey, ham drippings and other hot side dishes can cause severe scalding and burns, so be careful handling both.

· Withhold from feeding those same drippings, even once they have cooled. Drippings can easily cause upset to your pet’s digestive system because of their high fat content.

Preventative safety measures are the best strategies so store leftovers out of the reach of all pets and in tightly closed containers.

Keep your pet safe from E-Coli. Make sure garbage cans are closed and secured. Turkey which has been out too long can cause Salmonella so be careful that your pet is not in your kitchen eating off the turkey plate while you are entertaining. This goes for cats too; it is very easy for them to jump up on counters and tables.

Cooked bones can be dangerous to your pets. 
Please do not feed your pets bones, especially cooked poultry bones. Poultry bones splinter easily and can cause tearing in the intestines if swallowed and can get caught in the esophagus causing them to choke. Thousands of pets are treated for consumption of splintered bones causing pain and even death. Emergency Exploratory surgery is costly and can range from $2,000-$5,000.
What can you do to include your pet this holiday?
First, consider providing appropriate chew toys or food occupation devices such as “Kong Stuffing” to keep your pet occupied. 
There are many cat and dog puzzle toys available to keep pets alert, active and entertained.
We have some wonderful alternatives for you as far as fun things for your dogs and cats to eat that are made right here in the USA. 

Furbabies Delectable Delights, our long time founding member, makes all of their homemade dog treats right here in the East Valley and they have holiday pup cakes and more that can be made special for your dogs. 
Furbabies recently partnered with another one of our amazing members, our pawTree representative, Stephanie. Together they will be offering you a place to purchase high quality, affordable dog and cat food and treats. 
This is so exciting because pawTree offers the highest quality cat and dog food and also has cat treats. There are so many new and exciting products that were released recently that make dinner more fun for your pet, just see for yourself here.  
The investment and preparation can insure that your pet/s will have a happy, healthy and safe Holiday rather than a tragic one.

Dog doesn't like company?
That's going to be a problem if you are hosting Thanksgiving. I know it's short notice, but we have an amazing dog trainer that you can call to consult with. If you can't schedule with her before Thanksgiving, there's always time before Christmas. A phone consult could be just what you need to receive some tips on what you can do on Thanksgiving, until your scheduled appointment. 

See Kathrine's information here.

What about an unexpected emergency during the holiday?
Always make sure you have the nearest Emergency Clinic telephone number close by. 
Time is of essence in an emergency and you can't afford to waste precious minutes trying to figure out where you’re going. You can Google the shortest route to the nearest emergency clinic so you know exactly where you’d be driving to and exactly how long it will take to get there. Do this now, not when it's too late. This is a huge part of you preparing. 
If you do need an emergency clinic, remember to call them when you are en-route. Give them an estimated time of arrival and a summary of why you are coming so they can prepare and be ready.

Each year thousands of pets are seriously injured or become deathly ill around the holidays. 
People plan trips, holiday shopping, holiday parties, cooking and baking. It can be easy to lose track of what your pet is doing. Pets are as curious and anxious as we are during this time of year. There can be assorted hazards waiting for their curiosity if we aren't careful. 
Stay alert as to what they are doing at all times. Although it is a busy time for you; please do not forgo your pet’s needs.
If you are planning going out of town make sure to hire a trusted pet sitter or boarding facility. 
We have plenty of them for you to see and we know they are the best.
Vaccines prevent transmissible disease. So if your pets are behind on vaccines, make an effort to put that task at the top of your list so it doesn't become lost in the hustle. We have incredible veterinarians in our group that you can schedule an appointment with. 
Our veterinarians can help with much more too. Microchips can recover a lost pet and spaying and neutering can save countless, unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. 

We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and hope your pets will have a great holiday as well!
Thanks pet friends and be safe all throughout the Holiday Season!

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