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Business Telephone: 480-588-1364

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Board of Directors 2010-2015.
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Annual Conference & Governance Committee. 
Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates, Vice President  2007-2011, President 2012-2014.

Howland Studios-Scottsdales premier fine artist!

April Howland has been an integral part of Az Pet Professionals for nearly 5 years now. Her beautiful fine art is an honor to showcase. April recently held a successful
fine art Event in Scottsdale featuring her "Cars & Dogs" paintings. She truly is amazing and we can't wait for you to see what she has coming out next! Please see April's website for more photo's of her successful gallery show!

Howland Studios website:
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April Howland

Adopt a senior pet this month!

Adopt a senior pet this month!

Photograph courtesy of
Jill Flynn, owner.

Why adopt an old dog?
Let's take a look at some known facts when it comes to the way people think about adopting an older dog.

What are families looking for?
Prospective families looking to adopt a new dog typically focus on one thing and that one thing is usually about adopting a puppy. Families want a puppy so that they “can grow with the family” or “is cute and cuddly."
Understandable in some situations but what about the older dogs available or the single or older couple looking to add an addition to their family?

Photograph courtesy of 

Is it really a good idea for a senior citizen person to adopt a young puppy that might live for 17+ years, possibly outliving them?
Too often that pet ends up at the pound because none of the remaining family are willing or able to take over the responsibility of the pet after the owner has passed away. It's a terribly sad predicament but it happens often.

Raising a puppy can be lot of work!
If you’re retired and are convinced you want a puppy instead of an older dog make sure your retirement is not going to get in the way of providing all the needs that a new puppy comes with. 

As for a young family.

If you do not have kids yet, what happens when and if you do? Will you be the "All too familiar" couple that says “We need to find a home for Buster because we have a new baby now and just don’t have time for him.”
If you adopt a pet and afterwards have children, be prepared to incorporate your pet into your new family. It’s not fair to Buster if give him up once your bouncing baby comes along. There are many resources that can assist you in preparing Buster for the new addition to the family therefore making the transition much easier and with a happier outcome for all.

We know of several Professional Dog Trainers that use positive reinforcement training. Call us for more information.

So why do people forget or simply neglect the fact that there are many senior pets that are also looking for their fur-ever homes?

Let's remember this.
When a family gives up an older pet; whatever the circumstance, what happens to that pet?
Too often the pet ends up at the nearest Rabies Animal Control, or the pound or taken to a No-Kill Animal Shelter........ IF they are lucky enough to find a shelter that has intake room.
In my opinion, another reason people by pass an older dog is that they think a senior dog will have major health issues and they don't want to deal with it mentally and financially. But do you know that puppies can also get sick?

So what is the cost of a new puppy?
Of course not that adopting a puppy can't be very fulfilling and amazing as well but we are focusing on senior pets this month so please take that into consideration while reading this article. I am not trying to disway your adopting a puppy if that truly fits your situation the best. 

On average a new puppy can cost a family $1,000 or more their first year of life. 
The factors that may lessen that amount are:
  1. If the puppy is already spayed or neutered from a shelter or adoption facility.
  2. If the puppy has already received it's first vaccines from the place of adoption.
  3. If the puppy is already microchipped from the place of adoption. 
  4. There is also some rescues that de-worm, and start the puppies on heart worm prevention.
Courtesy of, It's a Dogs Life Phothography, Owner, Susan Richey

Truth of the matter is, this may save you initial costs but you will still need on-going care! 
Here's a list of some of the on-going care you will assume when adopting a puppy.
  • The remainder of the puppy's vaccines and veterinarian appointments. 
  • Monthly heart worm preventative and a heart worm TEST at the age of one.
  • House training supplies (Repetitiveness and being available to dedicate yourself to training.)
  • A dog trainer for social needs and/or if you are having issues with your pup. Your puppy will benefit greatly from a basic obedience training class. Socialization for your puppy is most important between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks and most earlier. 
  • Grooming appointments. Cute and fluffy puppies will need to have their first puppy grooming typically around 2-4 months of age and ONLY once your veterinarian feels comfortable with  your puppy's vaccine status.) Why do you need to groom your puppy? If you adopt a breed that requires regular grooming, this is a life time cost.
  • Crate training will be good for your puppy if you plan on using it for sleeping quarters or for his "safe place" when too many people are around. Remember, crate training is not only for the safety of your pet but it should be a fun place for him, his den! Dogs are den dwelling animals, therefore having a place of his own is a good thing. Never, ever scold a puppy and then put them inside their crate! It needs to be a positive place!
  • Your new pup will also need something to sleep on! A pet bed is a must!
  • Appropriate toys (each stage of pups life might require new toys) toys are an on-going expense and must be monitored when in use for your pups safety.
  • Collars and harnesses for outdoor fun are an obvious need. Safe and appropriate harnesses and collars. No shock! No Choke and no Bark collars!
  • Food and water bowls to accommodate breakfast and dinner is also a must have! 
What if you are going out of town?
Do you know a professional pet sitter that you can trust to care for your pup's needs? All of them?

All of the above puppy needs are likely more expensive than if you scheduled an appointment for your newly adopted senior pet with your veterinarian for a complete medical exam. Your veterinarian might order some or all of the following.

A geriatric profile (blood panel,) a urinalysis and maybe even a chest or abdominal X-Ray so that he or she has a starting foundation for your pet's current health status.
For geriatrics with signs of arthritis, please keep in mind that Sun Lakes Animal Hospital (480-895-7633) has Cold Laser Therapy. It's a painless way to help with arthritis.

Something to remember…. Senior pets are most likely already obedient, house trained and most bad habits have been gone for a long time! (Chewing on shoes, eating the couch, digging in the yard, etc.) It’s really your perfect pet! They can be just as fun as any other dog, and one thing is for sure, they will be loyal and thankful to you for the rest of their life.

Courtesy of Cow Dreamz Photography
Owner Michelle Pelberg

If the above has not convinced you…..some animal shelters will have a senior dog examined by a veterinarian prior to placing it up for adoption. 
Often health issues, blood work, urinalysis and sometimes even dental issues have already been addressed and treated. Most shelters will not adopt a pet without a microchip and current vaccines. That is a huge savings! If you ever wondered why the adoption fees vary, well, a Rescue Group is a Non-Profit Group and they depend on the adoption fees to keep them in business so they can continually rescue more pets. They are known to spend enormous amounts on their rescue animals just to get them adopted in to a fur-ever home. The adoption fee you pay covers just part of what they've actually spent.

So what will I get by adopting an older dog?
What you most likely will inherit is a loving pet that simply longs for his fur-ever family to live happily for the rest of his Golden Years and to be loved and cherished. Period. Faithful to the end. You won't regret it. 

Courtesy of Cow Dreamz Photography
Owner Michelle Pelberg

If you haven’t thought of this before but are thinking you may have a change of heart, please don’t turn away from the senior pets you encounter while searching for your perfect pet. Remember these positive facts about how wonderful you will feel and how thankful and forever grateful your new senior pet will be if you take them into your hearts.

For further information on senior pets for adoption, please check out several links.

While there are plenty more websites you will find on the Internet, please investigate thoroughly to make sure they are a legitimate Non-Profit rescue or foundation.

Thanks pet owners! Kim MacCrone- CVT

Pet Sitter Pro! Professional Pet Sitting in the East Valley!

Business Website: 

Business Phone: 480-788-1314

Fully Bonded & Insured!

It all started with a sign in a window. It was 2002, and a rescue group was looking for volunteers. I signed up and started volunteering at every single adoption event, even transporting dogs to and from the events and spending my free time taking the dogs in boarding out for little excursions. There, I met my very first pit bull, a brindle named Bodie. I don't think I even knew what a pit bull was, but I fell deeply and madly in love with Bodie specifically and pit bulls in general. 

After some time in the rescue, one of my fellow volunteers asked me if I had ever considered pet sitting. I had never even heard of pet sitting, but I was interested! From my experience in rescue, I learned how harsh boarding facilities can be, especially to dogs who have spent time in a shelter. Pet sitting, on the other hand, offers them the opportunity to stay comfortable in their own homes while Mom and Dad are out of town. After much consideration and planning, I started Pet Sitter Pro! in 2007, originally based in Orange County, California. 

I ran Pet Sitter Pro! for 8 years before moving from sunny California to even sunnier Arizona. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to all the animals I had cared for for so long. While sad to see me go, many of my clients were gracious enough to support my endeavor by writing reviews for me on Yelp and allowing me to use them as references for new potential clients in Arizona. I was and continue to be so grateful and touched by their support.

While I love the diversity of pets I get to care for every day, my biggest soft spots are for pit bulls, cats, and seniors of all types. My biggest priority is to provide your pets with the level of care they expect from you. So whether you are going on safari for a month in Africa, or just have a late night at the office, your pets care will continue, uninterrupted, until you get home.

Please remember, I am veterinarian-referred, trusted by the valley's best pet networking group, and have many clients that would be happy to share their experiences with you. I treat your babies like I treat my own.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Transport, and Overnight Stays available in PARTS of: (Please contact us so we can let you know if you reside in our service area) 
  • Gilbert
  • Chandler
  • Queen Creek
  • Mesa

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We hope to become your life long pet sitter!

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Thank you pet owners! 
Sabrina Moeti

National Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness Month

We recognize National Pet Wellness Month by focusing on certain things that pet owners can do to increase their pet’s lives.


· Make sure your puppy or kitten receives all their booster vaccines from 6-8 weeks old until 4-5 months old. This can be determined by your veterinarian depending on what age you start their series.

· Have your puppy or kitten checked for intestinal parasites by bringing in a stool sample to your appointment.

· Have your veterinarian de-worm your kitten for intestinal parasites. Some of these parasites can be transmitted to people!

· Start new puppies on Heart worm preventative as early as 6 weeks of age and continue every month all year around. Heart worm preventative also de-worms monthly for some intestinal parasites! There are many products available for the prevention of heart worm, so please be advised by one of our amazing Veterinarians!

· Have your pet spayed or neutered to help pro-long their life span and decrease their chances of cancer. Females are spayed, males are neutered.

· Microchip your puppy or kitten so if they become lost you have a better chance of recovering them.

· Socialize your young kitten or puppy so it becomes a well-adjusted and happy adult. This should be done very early on between 2 weeks and 2 months of age!
  • This also includes basic training! See our amazing Trainer, Kathrine Breeden, owner of Be Kind To Dogs
· Feed your pets a high quality diet (Again, ask our amazing veterinarians at your appointment!) and given them plenty of exercise and fun!


· It is veterinary recommended that all adult cats and dogs are seen at least once a year but preferably twice a year. This allows you to monitor any subtle changes in their routines like elimination, water and food intake, activity and mental awareness.

· Brush your pets’ teeth daily. Preferably starting at a young age so it becomes routine.

· If your dog or cat has dental disease make sure to address it quickly so that it doesn’t lead to further conditions such as periodontal disease, heart and kidney disease.

· Update your dog’s heart worm test annually. Heart worms are transmitted by a mosquito and we have been inundated with mosquitoes this year in Arizona! Read more about transmission, prevention and treatment of heartworm disease, here:

· Rule of thumb! When your pet reaches the age of 7; they are entering their senior years. It is important to see the veterinarian so that you can have a senior blood panel, urinalysis and possibly X Rays giving your vet a baseline of your pet's current health. This will be very important should your pet become ill in the future!

· Update your pet’s vaccines according to your veterinarian’s recommendations.

· Check annually for intestinal parasites! It just takes a fresh (less than 7 hours) sample, typically a tbls. of your pet's stool. Simply put it in a ziplock, refrigerate and bring it with you to your pet's appointment! Results are back in less than 24 hours in most cases!
This is not just for puppies and kittens! There are a few intestinal parasites that can be transmitted from your pet to you so it is recommended that you do this each year.

· Feed your pet an age appropriate diet and make sure they get plenty of exercise! 

Here's to all the pet's we love!! Happy Wellness Month!

Thanks pet friends! 

Pooch Paw Box-Your pups personal, monthly goody box!

We are delighted to tell you all about our Featured Member!! Pooch Paw joined Az Pet Professionals in June of 2014 and we've watched them grow, grow, grow. With hard work and dedication we have seen Rob and Tina literally work their fingers to the bone! Starting their business in February of 2015, Pooch Paw has taken off like a rocket!

What is Pooch Paw Box? 
Pooch Paw Box is a monthly subscription box for your loving and loyal fur child. Choose a month-to-month, 3-month, or 12-month auto-recurring subscription plan, then sit back with your cute pooch and wait for your boxes to arrive each month. 

What's inside? 
  • All-American made toys and treats.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Order today, ship tomorrow.
  • No pre-pay on a 12-month subscription.
  • Sign up for a wooftastic 12-month Pooch Paw Box™ and get the 13- month box for free.
  • 10% goes to an animal shelter to help all loving animals. 
  • Cancel at anytime, no obligation. 

Business Website:

They also make great gifts! 
All products in the Pooch Paw Box are high-grade, American made toys and treats. We source daily for all products far and wide in the United States of America. Proudly! 

For more answers to some of our popular questions, please visit our question and answer page, here:

Pooch Paw, Jackson! 
2015 Copyright All rights reserved. Pooch Paw Box™ Trade name, Pooch Paw Box #617777 Trademark No. 59008 
Celebrities already!
Rob and Tina Hannaford, second from left and second from right.
Rob Hannaford- relaxing before a TV interview!
For even more fun facts and articles, check out 
Pooch Paw's BLOG!

Beautifully packaged and carefully selected USA only, products!
Great for special occasions!
Follow Pooch Paw Box at Facebook!

Thank you Pooch Paw!! We are so excited to be able to help spread the word about your amazing gift boxes for our dogs!

Be Kind To Dogs!

It is my great pleasure to be fulfilling a life-long dream to help pet parents and their dogs by providing behavior consultations in the comfort of their own homes!

Following the launch of its much anticipated accreditation program for force-free canine trainers in May 2015, the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) has announced that I have passed their rigorous exam and am now officially one of only 27 trainers to be Accredited!

This first-ever batch of PPG accredited professionals have earned the specific title – Professional Canine Trainer (Accredited) (PCT-A).

In addition to this, I am A “Truly Dog Friendly” Trainer, Licensed by Victoria Stilwell from the TV Show on Animal Planet “It’s Me Or The Dog”.

I left my native England for Dallas, Texas, in 1999 and took my horse with me! I have been an animal lover my whole life – being with dogs and riding horses since childhood.

In January 2013 my husband, rescued dogs and I moved to Chandler, Arizona and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the area, making new connections and friends and helping the dogs and their families in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Johnson Ranch, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, and surrounding areas of the East Valley.

For over 10 years now, friends, happy clients, veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, rescue groups, other trainers, pet photographers, and now here in AZ, even our local feline behaviorist, have been referring clients to me.

It is my firm belief that the traditional methods of dog training using various forms of physical force and psychological intimidation are not only cruel and unnecessary but hamper the development of the optimum relationship between dog and human.

Such methods often cause dogs to display aggressive behaviors that could otherwise have been avoided. I will NEVER recommend the use of shock, choke or prong collars for your beloved pet.

Check out my website for full details on services, fees, testimonials and more!

Call me today for immediate help with your dog’s behavioral challenges!

Come and meet me and ask your burning canine behavior questions on October 6th at 1.30pm at Bark Avenue Pet Supply Store in Mesa -

Join me with Kim MacCrone at our Pet CPR and Force Free Training class on October 30th.

National Adopt a dog month and National Adopt a Shelter dog month!

In two days we start:

National Adopt a dog month


 National Adopt a Shelter dog month!

Sammie, the day she was saved off the E-List

Are you thinking about adopting a dog? 

If you are looking for a companion, a hiking pal, a friend for your grandparents or parents, an agility hopeful, or just a happy, warm face to welcome you home each day then this might just be the perfect timing!

Across our valley there are numerous places that you can choose from to adopt a dog. Many Shelters are full and have weekend discounts so they can open up space for new dogs. But what about those dogs that end up in our High-Kill Shelters?
Maybe this is a good month to dedicate our adoptions to one of the shelters where pets don’t have a good chance in making it out alive. We all know what these dogs are facing after a few short hours, so let’s make this month one that we dedicate to getting ourselves down to the “Kill Shelters” and finding a new dog! A dog that is on the "E-List" (to be euthanized) is commonly a dog that might have growled when captured or put in to a kennel, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are aggressive. 
It most likely means they were SCARED. 

I say this from my own experience. My "E-Listed" dog was put on immediate E-List for the following day because she growled. To date, she has been one of our absolute best behaved, gentle and loving dogs we've owned. She was young, she was scared, and had probably been living on the streets fighting for food and shelter. It didn't mean she was aggressive, it meant she was scared, alone, and watching out for herself.
My baby, Sammie
Not to say that you should stay away from other shelters where animals do have good chances at finding homes and do not face euthanasia, I’m just suggesting that we dedicate this month to see if we can make a difference in some of the dogs lives that weren’t so lucky to end up with a good Rescue with no euthanasia in their future.

Pinal Animal Control and Maricopa Rabies Animal Control are two “High-Kill” Shelters where many dogs only have 3-7 days to get adopted. These days those numbers can be even shorter, with only a few hours left for them.

If you are looking for a new pet please consider these two Control Facilities. You will never forget the smile on the dogs face as he walks out with you and gets in the car to ride home to his new family. You will find a forever family member and one that will likely never forget that you and your family came that delightful day to make a difference in his life. 

Pinal Animal Control: 520-509-3555

Pinal County Animal Control 1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85194


Maricopa Rabies Animal Control: 602-506-PETS(7387)

· The East Valley facility is located in Mesa at 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway (Rio Salado and the 101).

· The West Valley facility is located in Phoenix at 2500 S. 27th Avenue (27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye).


Thank you pet friends, and as always, please feel free to share our stories with your friends and family!

Your One-Stop Resource for hiring trusted pet services!

Your One-Stop Resource for hiring trusted pet services!

Positive, Rewarding, handling of all pets!

We are Compassionate Pet Owners and believe in the Positive Reward System for all pet's we encounter.


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