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Teri Ann Tate- Comfy Pets of Arizona

What a great way to celebrate April's First Aid Awareness Month! Do you live in South Phoenix or Fountain Hills? Our Pet Expert, Teri Ann Tate is a Pet Expert in a wide variety of pet first aid programs, including her new Equine First Aid! See for yourself why Teri Ann Tate fits all the criteria of meeting or exceeding our standards to be an Az Pet Professional!

Rose Tring, AZ Media Maven: rose@azmediamaven.com
Phone: 602-373-8731

Be ready for pet emergencies with first aid classes by 
Comfy Pets of AZ!

PHOENIX – We all want to keep our pets safe and healthy, but what if there is an emergency? Would you know what to do to help save your beloved animal?

Teri Ann Tate, owner of Comfy Pets of AZ in Laveen, is the perfect expert to help. Tate has years of experience caring for a variety of animals through her pet-sitting business and is one of only a few Arizonans qualified to teach first aid care for small animals and horses. Tate’s popular classes give professional pet care providers and pet parents alike the skills necessary to help their furry friends in an emergency.

“Most pet owners don’t think about what to do in an emergency,” Tate says. “There are many first aid steps that you can take to help keep an animal stable until a veterinarian can take over. It’s rather like helping a human until the medics arrive.”

The classes cover a range of topics and techniques such as what to do if your pet has swallowed poison, how to clean a wound and to splint a fractured bone. Some classes are specifically geared toward children and address safety issues such as how to approach a dog when walking, or how to tell if your pet might be ill.

Kara Jenkins, owner of TLC House and Pet Sitting in the East Valley, said she asked Tate to offer her CPR & Pet First Aid class to her team of pet sitters.

“I think her classes are very educational,” Jenkins said. “It’s very hands-on and really benefits our clients because the clients know their sitters have the background and education needed to be prepared for emergencies and how to handle them.”

Tate said her love of animals started when she was young, and she got her first horse at age 15. She is one of the few pet-sitters in the area who takes on equine clients, feeding, grooming and exercising horses when owners are away.

“Teri Ann is a trusted family pet sitter for our four-legged kids,” said client Lisa Donaldson. “She has been able to help us out not only with our forever pets, but with foster pets, as well. I would highly recommend her to others.”

Neighbors and friends in Laveen also see her out on the hiking trails at South Mountain Park, often with several dogs as part of her Doggie Doo Adventures. Pet owners can choose from a number of outings to help their pups get plenty of exercise, even if their own work day runs long. Dogs are taken on hikes ranging in 45-minute neighborhood walks to 2-10 mile hikes through the preserve, as well as other options.

Tate also travels throughout Arizona and Southern California teaching her equine and pet first aid classes, as well as giving special speaking engagements.

Follow Teri Ann Tate on 

Or visit her Web site at www.comfypetsofaz.com

2015 Class schedules

Pet CPR and First Aid. Sanctuary at South Mountain, 3224 W. Carver Road, Laveen AZ 85339. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following Fridays:
  • April 17
  • May 22
  • June 26
  • July 17
  • Aug. 14
  • Sept. 18
  • Oct. 16
  • Nov. 13
  • Dec. 11
Pet CPR and First Aid (morning session)

Zusia's Doggie Day Care & SuPaw Market, 16650 E. Palisades #110, Fountain Hills AZ. 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • May 2
  • July 11
  • Sept. 12
Doggie Dental and Senior Petizen (dental and nutrition discussed in afternoon session)  2- 5 pm:
  • May 2
  • July 11
  • Sept. 12
Advanced Pet First Aid**

Zusia's Doggie Day Care & SuPaw Market, 16650 E Palisades #110, Fountain Hills AZ. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • March 28
  • June 27
  • Oct. 4
**The class and curriculum were created by Teri Ann Tate and will cover the following: wound care, vitals on dogs, administering medications, AZ wildlife and your K9 and hiking with Fido.

Kids Pet CPR & First Aid Class

Located at Sanctuary at South Mountain, 3224 W. Carver Road, Laveen AZ 85339

This newly created three-hour class is for children ages 7-12 and teaches children about: How to approach a dog when out walking; how to feed a family pet; how to tell when a family pet is hurting; how to tell when a family pet needs medical care and other information. Class materials include a student workbook, a certificate of completion and a doggie treats recipe. Dates are Sept. 6 and Oct. 11

Equine classes

Location: Sanctuary at South Mountain, 3224 W. Carver Road, Laveen AZ 85339 (at private facilities on request)

Equine Basic First Aid
  •   May 2
  • June 6
  • July 25
  • Sept. 26
  • Oct. 10
  • Nov. 7

Equine Remote First Aid
  • June 27
  • Sept. 27
  • Oct. 24
  • I Can Help-Horse First Aid for Kids (5-10)
  • Sept. 13
  • Nov. 1

 WOW!! Thank you Teri Ann Tate for all that you offer to pet owners!!

Help us to help the less fortunate. http://www.gofundme.com/AzAngelsforpets

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net ID-10094911 

What is Pet First Aid?
Pet First Aid is:
"The immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or
 suddenly taken ill." 

This includes home care and veterinary help if necessary.

It is estimated that up to 60 % of animal hospital visits are emergency in nature. This is a fact!

Knowing the skills of Pet First Aid can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disability, expensive vet bills and reasonable home care and rapid recovery or long recuperation for your pet.

Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pre-senior dogs.

The more you know about your pet’s health the better chance you have of keeping a simple problem from becoming a bigger problem. 
Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net-ID-10024193 
Don't wait to register for my next class April 23rd! I'll be joining forces with www.bekindtodogs.com. once again! Seating is limited! Contact both Kathrine and Kim to register for class.
For Kathrine, call, 480-272-8816 and for Kim, go to www.vetekchiconwheels.com where you can sign up under her Pet CPR and First Aid Page, using Pay Pal.

Moving on, what other things need to be included in your pet’s care other than learning pet first aid?

· Human/animal bond

· Knowing your pet’s health

· Exercise

· Proper nutrition

· Supplementation

Knowing what “Normal” is for your pet will allow you to know what is “NOT Normal.”

Knowing your pet’s health and noticing when something is "Just not right," as well as recording important symptoms and changes in behavior, is of the utmost importance and could potentially prevent serious issues by aiding early recognition and preparation.

Take notice of your pet every day! He or she relies on you to notice when something is “Not right.”

Meet Jill Flynn-Visual Harmony Photography

Az Pet Professionals are so proud to know such an inspirational, dedicated, woman such as Jill Flynn.
Jill has been a member of the Network for over 5 years and is part of our family of dedicated pet experts. Jill's dedication, compassion and selflessness is like none we've ever encountered before. We are so proud of all Jill has accomplished and her strength to continue to photograph homeless pets.
Through Jill's captivating photographs, countless homeless pets are displayed in beautiful light, a light that was meant for each of them to capture their beautiful essence in hopes of finding a forever home.
Introducing Jill Flynn....

Jill Flynn and one of many of her friends

"My heart is in animal rescue photography."
Jill Flynn

I work closely with several animal welfare organizations in Arizona and donate my services by photographing shelter and rescue animals.

           Many of these animals can be seen in the Faces of Rescue portfolio and on my Blog.

I also Chair the Community Outreach Committee for HeARTs Speak, an international, non-profit organization of artists helping animals. I am honored to be a part of this organization and work with such inspiring and compassionate people.

In addition to animal rescue work, I teach photography for the Bryan Peterson School of Photography, provide photography instruction/mentoring and do a limited number of assignment and private client sessions each year.




  1. ASPCA Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435 ($65 Consultation Fee)
  2. Pet Poison Helpline 1-800-213-6680 ($35 Consultation Fee)
  3. Nationwide Standard Human Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222 (FREE)
All 3 numbers are available 24/7 year round.

More than 2 million poisonings are reported each year to the 61 Poison Control Centers (PCCs) across the country. More than 90 percent of these poisonings occur in the home. The majority of non-fatal poisonings occur in children younger than six years old. And, poisonings are one of the leading causes of death among adults. Pet Poisoning is most common in pets under 1 year old.

1. Human Medications are once again at the top of the list of pet toxins for 2015. Almost 25 percent of ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (AAPC) calls concerned human medications accidentally ingested by pets. The most common culprits include over-the-counter medications (ibuprofen, acetaminophen), antidepressants and ADHD medications.

Other common examples of human medications that can be potentially lethal to pets, even in small doses, include: Pain killers, cold medicines, anti-cancer drugs, vitamins and diet pills.
PetPoisonHelpLine.com warns against Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil®, Aleve® and Motrin®; acetaminophen as found in Tylenol® and antidepressants like Effexor®, Cymbalta® and Prozac® that can cause serious harm to your pets when ingested.

NSAIDs can cause serious stomach and intestinal ulcers as well as kidney failure. Acetaminophen can damage red blood cells in cats, limiting their ability to carry oxygen, and in dogs, it can lead to severe liver failure. Ingestion of antidepressants, which, of all human medications account for the highest number of calls to Pet Poison Helpline, can lead to neurological problems like sedation, in coordination, agitation, tremors and seizures.

2. Insecticides: About 20% of the calls to the APCC were about insecticides. Insecticides are commonly used on our pets for flea control and around our houses to control crawling and flying bugs. The most serious poisonings occurred when products not labeled for use in cats were applied to them. Always follow label directions.

3. Rodenticides are baits used to kill mice and rats, mostly grain based. Not only does this attract rodents, but it attracts dogs and cats. There are several different types of rodenticides that can cause seizures, internal bleeding or kidney failure. Rodent baits typically can result in blood clotting disorders, brain swelling or kidney failure, while snail and slug baits can result in severe tremors or seizures. Always make sure these items are placed in areas that pets cannot access.

4. People Food. Xylitol, grapes, raisins, onions and garlic are commonly ingested by our pets. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs, while onions and garlic can cause anemia if enough is ingested. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol used to sweeten sugar free gums and mints, can cause low blood sugar and liver failure in dogs. Many sugarless gums, including some Trident™, Orbit™, and Ice Breaker™ brands, contain Xylitol. Candies, flavored multi-vitamins, desserts and baked goods may also be made with Xylitol. Even small amounts when ingested can result in a life-threatening drop in blood sugar, or with large amounts of ingestion, liver failure. Signs of Xylitol poisoning include vomiting, weakness, difficulty walking, tremors and seizures.

5. Veterinary Medications although made for our pets are flavored for ease of giving. Unfortunately, that means that animals may ingest the entire bottle of medication if they find it tasty. Common chewable medications include arthritis and incontinence medications. Contact your veterinarian if your pet ingests more than his proper dose of medication.

6. Chocolate contains methylxanthines(a relative of caffeine), which act as stimulants to our pets. The darker the chocolate, the more methylxanthines it contains. Methylxanthines can cause agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, high heart rate,hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, muscle tremors, seizures and death. Baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate pose the biggest problem. The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more dangerous it is to our pets.

7. Household Toxins such as cleaning supplies (bleach, acids, alkalis and other detergents), can cause corrosive injury to the mouth and stomach. Other household items such as batteries and liquid potpourri can cause similar problems. Always keep these toxins behind securely locked doors. Rule of thumb: If it has a warning label on it keep out of the reach of children and pets. Other toxic household items include; Fabric softener sheets, mothballs, post-1982 pennies (due to high concentration of zinc)

8. Plants. Both house plants and outdoor plants can be ingested by our pets. Certain types of lilies including tiger, day, Asiatic, Easter and Japanese lilies, are highly toxic to cats, while sago palms can cause liver failure in dogs and cats. Severe kidney failure can result from ingestion of even a few petals, leaves, or even the pollen. In addition, ingestion of certain spring bulbs (e.g. daffodils, tulips) can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. More serious reactions include abnormal heart rate or changes in breathing. Keep house plants and bouquets away from your pets.
For a full list of plants poisonous to dogs and cats click here.

9. Many herbicides have a salty taste, and our pets will commonly ingest them. Always follow label directions and keep pets off treated areas until they are dry.

10. Outdoor toxins such as antifreeze, fertilizers and ice melts are all substances that animals can find outdoors. Keep these items in securely locked sheds or on high shelves where pets cannot get to them. Fertilizers are basic gastrointestinal irritants. However, some are often combined with dangerous chemicals and compounds called organophosphates or carbamates, which can be harmful or deadly to pets. Ingestion can result in drooling, watery eyes, urination, defecation, seizures, difficulty breathing, fever and even death.

Below are the 10 most common pet toxins of 2015 as outlined by the ASPCA and PetPoisonHelpLine.com

  1. Chocolate
  2. Mouse and Rat Poisons (rodenticides)
  3. Vitamins and Minerals (e.g., Vitamin D3, iron, etc.)
  4. NSAIDs (e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.)
  5. Cardiac Medications (e.g., calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, etc.)
  6. Cold and Allergy Medications (e.g., pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, etc.)
  7. Antidepressants (e.g., selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
  8. Xylitol
  9. Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol)
  10. Caffeine Pills

H & H Pet Services, LLC- In the DOG HOUSE!

Meet Heather!! Owner of H & H Pet Services, LLC

H & H Pet Services LLC provides quality pet care at affordable prices. 

H & H Pet Services has boarding in a pet friendly home called, appropriately, "The Dog House" (see tour of home below on You Tube).

Your pets stay in rooms inside the home and there is acreage with grass for dogs to run and play. Located in beautiful San Tan Valley/Queen Creek off of Ironwood Rd, just 1 mile North of Ocotillo or 8 miles South of US 60. 

Dog House fees start at an incredible low fee of just $25 a night for 1 dog.

Why you should board with us!

1. Pet(s) stay in an actual home with working a/c!

2. A large grass yard for dogs to run & play!

3. Pet(s) are not kept in outdoor kennels.

4. Very affordable prices - no hidden charges.

5. A pet family can stay together - but must be from the same household.

6. No breed discrimination!

7. We will provide text or email updates with pictures!

8. We have full coverage business insurance and are trained in Pet CPR and First     Aid.

9. We have a permit with Pinal County Animal Control that requires annual inspections and surprise visits from inspectors. We've passed every year!

10. We have an A+ rating with the BBB!

11. Our home is a "smart" home for the safety of your pets.

Take a Video tour of dog house: 

In Home Pet Sitting

We also offer pet sitting at your home.
We are able to visit your home 1 to 3 times a day to care for your pets and check your property – including bringing in your mail/papers, watering your plants, moving trash can to and from curb, and poop patrol!

Serving Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, South A.J., and SE Mesa areas. 
Visits starting at just $18 per visit.

We have been in business since April 2007 and have experience with caring for dogs, cats, small rodents, birds, exotics, reptiles, fish, goats, horses and pets with special needs. 

Insured and certified for completion of class in pet CPR and First Aid makes us even better prepared to care for your pet! 

We are also a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce.

H & H Pet Services believes strongly in pet adoption! Heather is a foster mom with AZ Chihuahua Rescue. 

To see our available dogs please visit www.azchihuahuarescue.org

For more information about H & H Pet Services LLC, please visit our website at www.hhpetservices.com.

 Or contact Heather at 602-524-3565. Email: heather@hhpetservices.com


National Pet Sitters Week!

 Did you know it National Pet Sitters Week?

Spring Break is coming soon! Do you know who to hire?

Photo courtesy of www.visualharmonyphotography.com
Az Pet Professionals is very proud of the professional pet sitters in our group

Compassionate, ethical, pet lovers and owners, professional, dedicated and trusted!
That's who you'll find in our professional network group.

If you are searching the Internet for a trusted and dedicated professional pet sitter or boarding home, and don't know who to trust, please take a look at each of our amazing experts by going to the Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding Page in our category listings above or click here: http://www.azpetprofessionals.com/p/pet-sitting-boarding.ht. 

Our pet sitters are known personally and collaborate together each month. The Internet can be full of great looking pet sitting and boarding websites, but who are you really hiring to care for your beloved pets? 
We've heard many sad, preventable situations that pet owners have suffered by hiring unreliable, uneducated and non-compassionate pet sitting services. 

Our Pet Sitters are all trained and educated in Pet CPR and First Aid so they know what to do in case your pet gets injured, becomes ill or has an emergency while in their care. 

We have Professional Pet Sitters in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Chandler and Gilbert. We also have a professional boarding home that offers your pets the luxury of feeling as if they're at home. If you want to go the extra mile, we have an amazing beautiful, luxurious pet resort in Phoenix. Well worth the drive for either of them!

Don't take a chance on a pet sitter that you don't know anything about. Rely on a network of pet experts who know each other well, trust in their businesses and are highly referred by veterinarians and other pet businesses.

Thank you pet sitters and caregivers for all you do for pet owners' pets!

Help us to help the less fortunate pet owners!





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