National Adopt a dog month

National Adopt a dog month 
National Adopt a Shelter dog month

Are you thinking about adopting a dog? Has the thought crossed your mind in the past few months? If so, that's great! This is the perfect month for you to get down to business and do just that!

You might be looking simply for a companion, maybe a hiking pal, a friend for your grandparents or parents, how about an agility hopeful, or just a happy, warm face to welcome you home each day? Then this might just be the perfect timing!

Across the valley there are numerous places that you can choose from to adopt a dog. Many Shelters are full and have weekend discounts so they can open up space for new dogs. Unfortunately some will be placed on the E-List almost immediately due to its breed, temperament or health.

A dog that is on the "E-List" (to be euthanized) is commonly a dog that might have growled when captured or put into a kennel, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are aggressive.

They were SCARED.

I say this from my own experience. My dog Sammie, was put on the E-List immediately because she growled upon intake. That was after the workers placed a rabies pole around her neck, drug her to an open concrete slab to spray her down with a hose containing a pesticide to kill any fleas or ticks she might have had. This must be done and is not meant to be mean, but to make sure all workers are safe when handling unknown dogs. Unfortunately it can be a very frightening event for a dog.

To date, Sam has been one of the absolute most well behaved, gentle and loving dogs we've owned. She was young; she was scared, and had probably been living on the streets fighting for food and shelter. It didn't mean she was aggressive, it meant she was scared, alone, and watching out for herself.
Pinal Animal Control and Maricopa Rabies Animal Control are two Shelters where many dogs only have 3-7 days to get adopted. These days those numbers can be even shorter with only a few hours left to live due to overcrowding. Recently these centers have been sponsoring days where you can adopt a dog for $20 or less in the effort to find these dogs’ homes rather than euthanizing them.

If you are looking for a new pet please consider these two facilities along with local animal shelters. You will never forget the smile on the dog's face as he walks out with you and gets in the car to ride home with his new family. You will find a forever family member and one that will likely never forget that you and your family came that delightful day to make a difference in his life.

Once back home there will be an adjustment period and it will take time for you to discover your new family member’s true personality. You might need help introducing the dog to current pets, maybe you adopted a dog who is going to be in need of grooming, and so many other things you might find you need. 
If you discover that you need assistance with any of the following, remember, Az Pet Professionals has your back. We have professional members who work in each area.

· Dog training

· Grooming

· Nutritional needs

· Veterinary services

· Healthy dog treats

· Boarding

· Pet sitting

· Pet CPR and First Aid training

· On going, fun, pet related events

· Canine massage for those who’ve adopted a senior

Please take a moment to go to each Page of interest at the top of our website. There you will find all pet experts in the related field with links to their professional websites, social media accounts, and contact information.

Pinal Animal Control:
Pinal County Animal Control 1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85194

Maricopa Rabies Animal Control: 602-506-PETS(7387)
The East Valley facility is located in Mesa at 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway (Rio Salado and the 101).

The West Valley facility is located in Phoenix at 2500 S. 27th Avenue (27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye).

Once again, thank you pet owners, for keeping Az Pet Professionals at the top of your list and your “go to” for all things pets~ Kim

September is Happy Cat Month and it's not over yet!

September is Happy Cat Month

Even though September is almost over, we’d love to hear of ways you kept your cat happy this month, or if there are things you learned about keeping your cat happy, that you’d like to share! Here are the top five things we found out from our readers of how they kept their cats happy this month.

1. They built their cats a special wall with shelves and steps so that they could “perch”.

2. Invested in quality, safe toys for their cats to play with.

3. Adopted another cat.

4. Fed their cats low fat treats to keep them from getting too heavy.

5. Took them to their vet because they hadn’t taken them in over three years.

Wow! These are all great things to do for you cat/s to keep them happy! Thank you for sharing with us! We hope more readers will share their happy cat tips with us too!

We put together some of our own “How to make your cat happy” just for you! Here you go:

1. Love the wall shelf idea from above! Let’s take it a step further and see if
you can build an outdoor Catio! Catio’s are all the rage. They’re safe for your cat because they are enclosed structures and this keeps them safe from vehicles and prey animals. 

2. Number five was great to see! Cats have gotten the short end of the stick the last few decades for not getting to the vet, but now that cat owners understand how important it is, it’s awesome to see the number of cats going to the vet on the rise. So to add to this, how about learning how to acclimate your cat to its carrier so that it’s easier to get them to the vet! American Association of Feline Practitioners has a great page all about this. Don’t forget to watch the video located on the left side, for all tips on how to acclimate your cat to its carrier!

3. We all love flowers and plants, but do we know which ones we bring into our home can potentially toxic plants and flowers to our cats? Cats love to nibble on plant leaves and flowers. Instead of eliminating all the beauty of being able to bring a bouquet home, take a peek here to see which are toxic and check them off your list!

4. Train your cats! Yes, that’s right! Cats can be taught many things! You can teach your cat to sit, come when called and even dance! Positive rewards, aka, low fat treats, are a great way to do this! Cats are smart! We’d love for you to video tape your training progress and send it to us!

5. Microchip your cats. Yes, even if they live indoors only. In case of an emergency or if they simply sneak out through an open door without you noticing, you’ll have a better chance of getting them back if someone finds them and they bring them to the veterinarian to see if they have a microchip. It’s quick to have one implanted and all veterinary clinics do this. Call them today and schedule your cat to get a microchip. If the vet you chose doesn’t send off the paperwork for you, please don’t let it sit around. Time will pass and you’ll never send it off! An un-registered microchip will not do you any good. You must fill out the paperwork and send it in to the company. Trust us on this one! Call one of our veterinarians and schedule today!

6. Learn cat CPR. Cats are curious creatures. Just to be on the safe side, just do this. You may never need to use it, and we hope you won’t have to, but you can’t be too careful. There are many wonderful tools, videos and articles on the Internet that can show you how this is done. 
Here is a link we found on cat CPR. If you’re a cat owner, please don’t skip this!

7. Feed your pet a nutritious diet. Overweight cats are on the rise! Especially if your cats are indoors. There is typically not a lot of play when they’re indoors. Overweight cats can run into medical problems such as urinary blockages, diabetes, and more. We have an excellent source for you! pawTree just came out with a line of cat food! See pawTree’s website here and if you have other questions feel free to call our pawTree professional, Stephanie Thomas! 602-538-4103.

8. Provide a cozy, safe place for your cats to hide and sleep. Cats love to be warm and cozy! 

9. Cats love to perch, so buying a cat tower is a great idea! Your cats can see their world from above, just like in a tree!

9. Spay and Neuter! Need we say more?

So there you go, just a few things we recommend; but we know you can help us on this! Email Kim at and give us some of your tips, or simply leave us a polite reply after this post.
Thanks pet owners! Happy Cat Month!

Stay tuned! We are going to be bringing you some dog training tips to you from our very own Kathrine Breeden

Pet Sitters offering more than just pet sitting

Attention Pet Owners!

Amy and Aubrey want to give you a heads up on booking your vacation pet sits!
We know it's only September but November will be here before you know it and so will your Thanksgiving vacation! But will you have a pet sitter?

If you plan on leaving town and you are in Paws & Whiskers service area; (Paws and Whiskers service parts of North Scottsdale and Cave Creek):


See their professional Website: 

When pet sitters schedule during the holidays, there is no room to "squeeze" another job in. They have committed to the folks that have already reserved. So if you want a spot call them and schedule your Meet and Greet today! 

One thing you should know is that Amy and Aubrey offer really cool additional services on top of pet sitting too! 
Not only do they do daily pet sits, but they also offer dog walking, puppy socialization, noon potty visits and more! You don't even need to be out of town to take advantage of many of their services! 

Thanks for letting us out to potty Paws & Whiskers!

Lunch Time Let Out visits are perfect for pet owners that work long hours and aren't able to let their dogs out for potty breaks. 

Can you imagine holding it for ten hours? 
We can't either! 
What do you mean I have to hold it for 10 hours?
Amy or Aubrey will stop in and let your dogs out to relieve themselves as well as get a little lunch time exercise and fun time! 
Don't feel guilty! We have a solution! 
This added peace of mind will help you focus at your own daily job because you won't be feeling the guilt of your pet being inside all day with no way to relieve himself, not to mention bored to tears!
Now that's worth every cent,  right?

Amy and Aubrey also offer puppy visits, house care visits (Even if you don't have pets), pet taxi, and overnight visits. 

Let's not forget your CATS! 
Cat's also crave attention and being alone all day can be upsetting to many felines. Amy and Aubrey will make sure your kitties will have playtime, clean litter boxes and full tummies, all before you get home from work! 

Aren't they sweet?

Click here to see all of Paws & Whisker's services!

See their FAQ's page  
You'll find answers to questions such as, what areas they service, what is their cancellation policy, how many visits will they make each day, is dog walking included in the pet sitting cost, what happens in case of an emergency, and many more! 

So don't forget! 
If you need a Thanksgiving Pet Sitter IT IS NOT TOO EARLY TO RESERVE! In fact, better early than too late!



If you don't live in Paws & Whiskers Pet Sitting Service's area but still wish to find the same mind blowing accommodations, please remember that we have pet sitters in different parts of the valley that you can see by clicking here to go to our pet sitters Page.

Thanks for taking such good care of our pets Paws & Whiskers!
Thanks Pet Owners for entrusting Amy and Aubrey with your fur babies!

Arizona Equine CPR and First Aid Classes

Do you want to learn equine first aid?

See for yourself why Teri Ann Tate fits all the criteria of meeting and exceeding our standards to be an Az Pet Professional!

Teri Ann Tate, owner of Comfy Pets of AZ in Laveen, is a professional pet CPR and First Aid Pet and Equine Instructor. 
Teri Ann has years of experience caring for a variety of animals through her pet-sitting business and is one of only a few Arizonans qualified to teach first aid care for horses. 

“Most pet owners don’t think about what to do in an emergency,” Tate says. “There are many first aid steps that you can take to help keep an animal stable until a veterinarian can take over. It’s rather like helping a human until the medics arrive.”

Teri Ann's classes cover a range of topics and techniques such as; what to do if your pet has swallowed poison, how to clean a wound and to splint a fractured bone.

Some classes are specifically geared toward children and address safety issues such as how to approach a dog when walking, or how to tell if your pet might be ill.

Teri Ann said her love of animals started when she was very young and when she got her first horse at age 15. Sound familiar? So many girls start out this way! Every girl wants a horse, right?

Teri Ann travels throughout Arizona and Southern California teaching her equine and pet first aid classes. She teaches tirelessly and spends hours preparing classes and creating new content.

Here are a few of Teri Ann's Classes:

I can help- Horse First Aid for kids

Equine Health and Basic First Aid

Fundamentals of Equine First Aid

Comfy Pets of Arizona's Business Website

Equine class location
Location: Sanctuary at South Mountain, 3224 W. Carver Road, Laveen AZ 85339 (at private facilities on request)

Thank you Teri Ann Tate for all that you offer to pet owners!!

Is your pet lost?

Missing Pet Detectives, LLC

Do you have a lost pet? 

Deborah and her Team 
Business Phone: (480) 751-9700

Do you know what to do if your pet is lost?

The Valley's Animal Care and Control Centers are full of lost pets and is a must to check if your pet is lost. The facility is full and pets only have a few days before they are either put up for adoption or euthanized. 
Along with checking in daily at Animal Control there are many rescue pages on Facebook for lost and found animals. A quick search should list several in your area. These pages have been very helpful for families who've lost their pet.

In addition, we have an amazing pet detective working with her team of dogs. 
Deborah Cooke, owner of Missing Pet Detectives, LLC and her canine team of detectives can come to you where her dogs will pick up your pet's scent, allowing them to see which direction he headed. From there, the search is on! Deborah and her team scale the area on foot. Deborah and her team are highly skilled and no strangers to dangerous and treacherous terrain.  

Deborah assists pet owners in recovering their missing animals in various ways.
For some, pet behavioral profiling and a consultation are sufficient to design a recovery strategy. Each lost pet case is unique.

Some cases require in-depth assistance. But the search tool that draws the most interest from Deborah's clients is the tracking dogs

While a K-9 search is not always indicated - or sometimes even possible - in every case, many times search dogs can provide information unavailable by any other method.


Deborah's team of dogs work all over Arizona. Together they have done this work for over 9 years. While rewarding, offering closure and often reconciliation, it can be and is, challenging as stated above. They are often outside for hours, even in the extreme Arizona heat and running in all kinds of terrain. This is not an easy job. 

"It is a joy to work with my dogs to help reunite lost pets with their people, I couldn't think of doing anything else!" Deborah Cooke

We hope you will take a minute to browse Deborah's website where you can read more about her and her team of search dogs. Deborah has several videos and one where she was interviewed by a valley News Station. 
Thank you to Deborah and your  team of canine detectives for helping lost pets get home!

Thank you!

Scottsdale Pet Sitting at it's finest

Scottsdale Pet Sitting At It's Finest

Telephone: 480-314-1232

Photo rights:

Cloud 9 Pet Sitting goes above and beyond for your pets and home!”. Since 2001 we have been caring for clients’ pets and homes in North Scottsdale in Dc Ranch, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Grayhawk, and Sweetwater Ranch. Area’s 85255 and 85260.

We are highly specialized in caring for your pets in this desert environment and are highly detailed and compassionate in our care. We provide experienced dog walking, in home pet visits one to four times daily, house and plant care and taxi!
Check out all of Cloud 9's Pet Services here:

We offer in your home pet care when you leave town for vacations, business trips, long hours at work, or just a day at the spa! We are always there for our clients. Our staff is highly trained and I only hire the BEST most experienced people, nothing less! 

Photo rights:

If I can’t give them a key to my home, they're not good enough to enter your home. For extra assurance each employee is background checked. Rest assured, I only hire trustworthy, compassionate, and responsible adults.

Are you planning a trip away for the upcoming holidays? 
It is easy to schedule with Cloud 9 Pet Sitting! Schedule online on our encrypted website and you’ll see how easy it is. If you prefer you can always call, email or text me to schedule visits as well. Easy! We are an A+ BBB accredited business and Angie's List member.

We have awesome reviews! 

Our clients love us as much as we love their pets!

Call this number to see if you are in our service area:
Telephone: 480-314-1232


Angela is also trained and educated in Pet CPR and First Aid. You can trust that Angela will know what to do if your pet becomes ill or injured while in her care.

We are a licensed company and are insured and bonded. That means extra peace of mind for you and no worries!

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